RAW .orf files have horizontal and vertical black lines running through. Any way to fix corrupt RAW files?

I’m having problems with corrupted RAW .orf files taken on my Olympus E1. The photos were taken several years ago. Because I was not working with RAW formats then, I hadn’t noticed the horizontal and vertical black lines that run through many of the photos. I was using FastStone Image viewer which does not show the lines in .orf RAW formats as I believe it is extracting the jpeg from the RAW and displaying the JPEG image.

This year, when I opened the .orf RAW files in Lightroom and PhotoNinja, I noticed there is a line through them just like the examples above. I opened the files in Lightroom, CorelPaintshop Pro x6 and in Photoninja. ALl of them show the black lines.

Is there any way to recover these damaged areas by using a type of .orf repair tool? Because I have JPEGS of all of these photos, is there any way to use the jpeg to layer-over-top the .orf (or perhaps a TIFF created from the ORF) and paste in the pixels that are missing?

I really hope to recover these photos… important for my research project.
If there is no way to repair the .orf RAW files, then I’m going to try to work out a way to use the intact JPEG to copy pixels over to the damaged ORF (converted to TIFF). Any advice on how to do this?

In my case, I think this damage occured when the motherboard in my Olympus E-1 was slowly frying. Many of the photos taken during that time suffered the same type of corruption that was caused, I guess, by the camera’s motherboard which fried completely shortly afterwards.

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