Rozen Maiden question about funtionality

A question about how the rozen maiden dolls themselves function. You often see them eat and drink as well as breathe. Are these functions required for them to continue to exist? If not all of those flower burgers and tea was a real waste. If so or not what happens to all the waste from the consumed food and liquids?
Simply stating magic is like a cop out and not thinking about this would seem to be lazy writing. Shinku did not know what a restroom was and at times there were 7 beings (5 dolls and 2 humans) in that house and never mention them waiting to use the restrooms for a dolls sake.
Of course this opens up the question about sweating and required bathing and such if they do. They act like little humans but they are shown to be porcelain dolls with string holding them together. Just doesn’t add up. Thoughts?

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