SMC reset to fix battery not working, but cant be sure SMC reset has taken place

I have had a new battery in my mid 2012 15″ macbook pro running 10.11.6

The battery health as monitored through a battery health app downloaded from the mac app store has been deteriorating ever since i installed it and after about 3 months the battery is saying “Service Battery”

This doesn’t tell the full picture though, as if it use my Mac once i get the “low battery 9 minutes remaining” warning, it will go on for hours without cutting out.

Ive been told i need to do an SMC reset to address the issue, but each time i do it following Apples guides for laptops with a removable battery, it dosnt fix anything, how can i know that an SMC reset has taken place, can it be seen in the logs ? Or can i do an SMC reset through some kind of GUI tool which will give me feedback instead of the standard way which i cant be sure has worked.

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