Space after footnote / thanks inside author

If I type:

author{Alphathanks{} and Betathanks{}}

then it is typeset as “Alpha*and Beta*” instead of “Alpha* and Beta*” as I would expect (i.e. there is no space after the first footnote mark). This does not happen outside author. The obvious alternative to try:

author{Alphathanks{} and Betathanks{}}

does not help. I can make the desired “Alpha* and Beta*” by resorting to:

author{Alphathanks{}  and Betathanks{}}

but this seems somewhat silly (and makes me worry that on another tex installation it might actually insert two spaces) Since thanks is clearly intended to be used like this inside author, I feel like I must be missing something about the intended invocation. How am I supposed to use thanks so that the spacing is correct?

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