A question about The estimation of a variable in a linear equation [on hold]

I have a linear equation: $a*x_1-b*x_2+x_3=1.0$. $a$ and $b$ are known parameters: $a=b=10e+6$. We used an approach to get the estimates of $x_1$ and $x_2$: $x_1=1.001$ and $x_2=0.9998$. We want to estimate $x_3$ Using this linear equation.

I intentionally created this problem so that I know the true values of $x1$ and $x2$. The true solution of this equation is: $x_1=x_2=x_3=1.0$. But because there are noise in the estimates of $x_1$ and $x_2$, we got a weird estimate of $x_3$: $x_3=-1199.0$, a very big value.

I am looking for a correct approach to obtain the estimate of $x_3$ Which should be around 1.0.

What can be done about this cap iron japanning?

I was reconditioning a Rockford no. 5 plane. As I was removing rust from components, I started working on the lever cap and realized that what I thought was oxidation or patina is likely japanning. I had removed some of it from the top of the lever cap. Now I’m not sure what to do to both ensure it is protected and/or return it to close to the original condition. I think my options are (a) go ahead and remove it all, (b) leave it as is, (c) remove it and re-japan it, or (d) something I’m not considering. What has worked for you? enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

Hard Questions About Circles and Polygons

a circle has 1500 chords draw in it so that the maximum number of non overlapping regions is obtained. find the difference between the number of points of intersection of the chords and the number of polygons formed by the chords inside the circle.

I’ve been trying to figure this out for what seems like hours now. Anyone have an idea?

Question: Questions About Greek and Roman Statues?

It seems like there are countless statues of people that lived in Antiquity: Homer, Euripides, Aristophanes, etc.
It seems that would be an extremely expensive commission. How were there so many sculptures and sculptors to do this?

Second- Did they paint the sculptures? Michelangelo’s David have very defined eyes chiseled into the marble, but he was intended to be displayed outside in the elements. But most eyes are blank, leading me to the idea that they could have been painted.

Just curious. Thanks! 🙂

SpamAssassin configuration question about spam filters and blacklist [on hold]

Hello and thanks in advance…

I’d like to know if it’s possible to change the order of the way SpamAssassin evaluates email. I believe that it works like this –

enter image description here

Q: Is it possible to reconfigure SpamAssassin to work like this?

enter image description here


Question: I found something interesting about lookism.net and the youtube channel ‘the looks theory’?

it seems most or 85-90 percent of the people who roam on these platforms are LGBT males who usually are not attractive at all. it seems they are unhappy with themselves so they overcompensate about the looks of men. when they critique men it makes them feel relevant

they get really obsessive about it to cope. but most women even if they have preference dont do this sort of thing. in my experience and from the data ive gathered from a couple friends on the deep web, its almost always homosexual / bisexual / transexual males.