Question: Don’t know what to do!!! Please I need advice!?

I’m a male of 21 years old from Spain. Five years ago I left Spain to study in the UK. There I met a lovely girl of my age and we never talked really, but we had things in common (similar sense of humour, we like sports, we studied similar stuff, etc.). I really liked her, but back then I was a very shy guy and never expressed anything to her, as I said, we hardly ever talked even though we spent some little time together every day. When we graduated, she went into university and I pursued my dream of playing professional basketball and it took me to Serbia and now I m back in Spain playing basketball. Now I m a lot more confident and I talk to people all the time. My ideal scenario is to go back to play basketball in the UK as I loved living there, it really is a great country. Point is, sometimes I do send a message to this girl with the typical “how are you” or I just comment on posts and stuff but no more than that. I still like her, I don t know what to do. Should I express my feelings over text? (I think it is kind of weird as back then we hardly talked). Or should I wait till I m back in the UK and try to meet with her?? Please I need some advice. Thank you.

Question: Advice on a potential renting scam?

I’m currently looking to rent a room. I’ve seen the place in person and spoke with another roommate through text. However, I did not meet the roommates as the house is currently getting new flooring, no one was there. Plus, the landlord said he lives in Africa and will be a remote landlord. I’m assuming this house is newly up for rent because the house is completely empty. I’ve picked a room and now asked to send a deposit and firsts months rent on Any advice on if this is a scam? I haven’t received the lease yet because I just finalized a room choose and rent today. But should I sign the lease first and then sent the money. And when should I ask for the keys?

Advice for backend creation/implementation (currently simple PHP -scripts)

Following scenario: I have published an Android App in the Play Store concerning cryptocurrencies. This app interacts with a VPS that I am renting. The server regularly fetches data from an API available on the internet and stores it. The app allows the user to retrieve that data and filter it by certain criterias.

The server has a LAMP stack installed, and fetches data by calling some PHP-scripts every 5 minutes and storing the results into the database.

The app retrieves the data by calling the URL of another PHP-script with a POST-request which receives a JSON-object as result.

As you can see the whole “backend” consists of only of PHP-scripts (which are all in the same folder, so it can be a mess to update those). Since I am going to switch to another API, I would like to use this as an opportunity to broaden my horizon and to dive a bit deeper into backend-programming from an engineering point-of-view.

I have looked into using Django and Node.js, but I am not sure if either of those fit my use-case, since Django is usually used for full web applications and the learning curve for Node.js is supposedly a bit steeper because of the event based architecture and I have to configure the packages on my own (at least that is what I have read).

Although this is quite a broad request, I would like to hear some advice from you guys, regarding this situation. To be more specific with the questions:

1) Does either Django or Node.js fit my needs, or do you consider both to be overkill?

2) What are some architectural key-words that I should look into, so my backend does not solely consist of loose scripts, or is this the conventional approach?

3) Maybe correlating with 2): Would it be useful to provide a REST-API if my app is the only thing that uses it.

Thank you in advance! 🙂

Question: Crush advice?

There is this guy that I know and he is a grade below me. I normally dress up for school and one day he told me that I was all dressed up and I looked nice. I took it as a huge compliment because him and I barely talk and he said my name wrong lol but he knows it. Other then that he barely shows me attention but I was just wondering if I should try to talk him up. Do you think this is a good guy to go for ( he is my type ) or do you think I should just wait for him to make the first move or find someone else who will? ( and no I am not settling , I really want a bf )

Question: Advice on what to major in?

I’m in my second year of college studying music education. Before I switched my major to music ed, it was business (HR) management, then it was early childhood education, then it was general education. I love music and I really want to teach it, however, I’m struggling in my theory, keyboard, aural, and music history courses. My grades in the four courses listed, dropped from an A to a D, and the semester ends in 6 weeks, and I don’t know if I can bring up my grades before then. Even though I love music and have a passion for teaching it, I feel like I should not stay in a major where I’m having trouble maintaining a C. So, should I just change my major? And/or minor in music?

Question: Advice Pleasee?

Ok so I’ve only known this guy for two days lol. I’m 16 (Junior) & he’s 18 (Senior). He came up to me during lunch the other day and asked me if anyone has told me that I look beautiful today, I said no, and he told me that I did. Later that day a friend of his came up to me and gave me a note that he wrote for me. It was really sweet and I’ve never gotten a “love letter” before so it made me soo happy! It basically said how he knows he doesn’t know me but he thinks I’m beautiful and wants to get to know me more. The next day during lunch he gave me a rose from his grandmothers garden (soooo sweet). So far we’ve been texting, not that much though because he works a lot, and his phone is crappy so he says lol. He’s been asking me about my favorite foods, favorite tv shows, things like that..which shows me that he genuinely wants to get to know me which is nice. BUT! A girl from my class told me that she dated him 2 years ago and all he did was ask her for nudes and send her dick pics. Sooo, I’m worried that this whole “getting to know you” deal is just a way for him to slowly get me to have sex with him or whatever..I do wanna ask him straight up because I don’t want to waste time talking to a player so..I don’t know..I need advice on what to do? Would a player go out of his way to write a note to me, walk me to all of my classes, give me roses, ask questions to get know me, etc?

Your recommendation and advice for Turkish coffee blends

I am in a process of establishing a small coffee-factory in Egypt.

I would like to know your recommendation for Turkish-coffee-blend, what do you prefer, what are your recommendations ?

I am thinking of (Brazilia-Santos 70% + Harrar 30%) , do you think is it a good combination ?

Thanks very much

Question: Advice on making friends?

Hello, I’m 22 years old and I’m feeling very depressed about having no friends. I didn’t really have a college experience (i dropped out of my first school after becoming drinking too much and never went back to campus, I took online classes to finish my degree.) so I have no college friends, and I see everyone around me on social media with their college friends going out and having fun.
Additionally, my friends from high school hardly talk to me when I reach out to them, even though they Snapchat me, they never answer my texts to hangout. I moved to a new town with my fiancée, but we know no one, and there is no one in their 20s around here, mostly people 40-50. I have no clue what to do, but I’m sad because I crave a group of female friends to take cute pics with and hangout with, my social media is very dead (my last post was like a year ago, from my mom,) and no one talks to me, or even remembers me. I’m just scared I’ll be 40 and regret not enjoying my 20s.