kubuntu boot screen flickers after tlp install

my laptop was running kubuntu fine but after the tlp install the boot screen flickers. i have to force shut down the system and then start it again from grub. how can i fix this? and yes i do get some bootup errors on every linux distro ive tried . in bodhi linux the boot screen flickers too.ERRORS ARE IN THE IMAGE

Directing user to a specific screen on App after he installs the App

I have a very specific use case. We are working on a Project where user can buy the tickets to an event. In this, we are asking the user to enter an Email id where he can receive the email from where he can receive the ticket onto our App. This email has the link using which user will receive the ticket inside an App. When the user clicks on the link in this email he is redirected to a webpage which checks whether our App is installed on the device, and if it is, he is redirected to the App where he can receive the ticket into his account. If the app is not installed then he is redirected to App store and is asked to install the App. After installing the App the user logs in to our App, now he has to go back to the email, click on the link again in-order receive the ticket inside App.
User can use different Email Ids to log in to the App and to receive the email containing the url to receive the ticket. This is a specification which our client wants.
Now coming to the problem. We are planning to make this process smooth so that if user clicked on URL to receive the ticket into his account before the App was installed, when he installs the app this should happen automatically. There a multiple problems when trying to implement this:-

1.) There is no way for me to know if a user is to be redirected to a specific screen on the App once he logs in as email id where the email with ticket reception link was sent can be different from the one he logged in.

2.) I was planning to use a combination of IP, Screen Siz and Os Version to make a unique key at the backend side. When user clicks on receive ticket link and is directed to a webpage, I will send this data to Server and store it. When App opens I can again send the data to verify if this user tried to receive Ticket when App was not installed. But in this case, there will be a lot of issues. People using the same kind of device and accessing the internet using same Wifi router will have the same info.

I am not able to think of any solution on how I can uniquely identify the user. There is no way to interchage data between App and Browser cache, neither is it possible for me to access MAC address or Device IMEI from JavaScript. This is to be done for both Android and iOS app.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Question: How could my relationship have turned so badly after just one year?

I met my ex about a year ago and we fell in love and got into a relationship, but how could it have turned out so badly. He lied about stupid things where it began to cause trust issues for me, and i started to give his rules to follow because i was scared he would cheat or even flirt with other women. I caused him to lie more because he became scared of me. I feel like it was all my fault. I know he never cheated but I worry he might have flirted, and I don’t like that. I was worried he hid a lot of things from me. Now we have been broken up for about a week and barely even talk anymore. Was he the reason this relationship didn’t work out, or was it my fault? I just can’t believe how it all turned out.

How to re-express solution to system of equations after truncating the solution at a given order to give an…

I have a simple enough system of two equations that need to be inverted:

αEMeqn = αEM == (1/(4 π)) gy^2 gw^2/(gy^2 + 
   gw^2) (1 - 2 vT^2 δ CϕWB (gy gw)/(gy^2 + gw^2));


MZeqn = MZ^2 == (1/4) vT^2 (gy^2 + gw^2) + (1/
   8) vT^4 δ CϕD (gy^2 + gw^2) + (1/2) vT^4 gy gw δ CϕWB;

The solution is consistent to first order in δ and the higher order terms aren’t worth anything, so they are truncated (and δ set to 1, as it is just a book-keeping parameter). I do:

coupsols = Solve[(αEMeqn) && (MZeqn), {gy, gw}];

And looking at the positive solution for one of these parameters, do the truncation:

gytruncsol = (gy //. coupsols[[4]]) // 
Normal@Series[#, {δ, 0, 1}] & // Expand // FullSimplify

Then set δ to 1.

Problem is, the solutions are defined (recursively?) in terms of root objects and so on. It seems likely that they need not be, given we only need the first order part of the solution. Is there a nice way to either:

1) Tell Mathematica at the stage of Solve that I only want an answer to a fixed order and so have it give me a more compact analytic solution that can be written down?


2) Once it has the ugly, full solution, have it take on-board the information that I’ve truncated this solution in this parameter to the point where maybe it’s no longer necessary to have it defined in an opaque way, and re-express it (hopefully) analytically and nicely?


Question: Unauthorized charges still showing up after I got a new debit card?

There was unauthorized charges under $20 on my bank statement labeled “PayPal” I don’t have a PayPal account. I called my bank, disputed the charges, disabled my old card and got a new card. Today I noticed another “PayPal” charge. Once again, I don’t have PayPal. Haven’t even had the new card for a week yet. What is going on? What should I do?!

How do I access individual groups after using GroupBy on a Dataset object?

I want to read in an xlsx (Excel) or TSV (tab-delimited) file, assuming this
results in a rectangular table of data. Then I after applying GroupBy (using
multiple keys), I should have several different groups of data though they are
‘stacked’ on top of each other. How would I select each group, one at a time so
that I can apply for example a Line or Curve fitting function to each of the groups and output results for each group?

raw= Import["C:\STUFF.txt", "TSV"]
header = raw[[1]]
data = raw[[2 ;;]]
myDataset =  Thread[header -> #] & /@ data // Map[Association] // Dataset

This results in a standard database-like table of data. From here, how do I
group this table by multiple columns (Ex: “gen”,”style”,”state”,”mode”)
and then apply A Line or Curve fitting function to each group to find best fit parameters for each group?

Can we use by the way after the new mentioned sentence?

I met my friend in school

I asked him ‘Why were you ignoring me on instagram’

He said ‘I was not. It’s just that my internet wasn’t working’

I replied

No, you had seen my message and I’m not using instagram now, by the way

Can i use by the way this way

Wont it leave the listener in doubt?

By the way what?

Or should i say it this way

No you had seen my message
,by the way, I’m not using snapchat now

Scaling keeps resetting after set keyframe in Blender action

I’m new to Blender animation. I’m working on an action for my animation. In this action, I scaled a bone like the photos below. But when I play action, it keeps the same scale and the values didn’t interpolate. When I move the cursor between frames, it also doesn’t make any action.

What did I miss here guys ?

enter image description here

enter image description here