Turn on LEDS one after another

I am trying to turn on LEDs one after the other so that I can start at one end and slowly turn the LEDs until it reaches the middle of the strip. The code works coming from the end of the LED strip, but not when coming from the start of the strip. From the start of the strip, it just turns on all the LEDs up until the midpoint.

int midpoint = 30;
int R = 255;
int G = 0;
int B = 0;
for(int j = 0; j

What is it called when one person calls another something they metaphorically resemble?

What name or word would be given for the examples below, metaphor?

  1. A mother calls her child cat, or tiger
  2. The wife calls her husband “Hey Baby”.
  3. You’re my moon.
  4. A very muscular person might be called “He’s solid”.

Basically there’s extreme likeness to the other object and the person gets called by that name.

But this one turned into a weird argument; I have a black friend and he loves to be in the dark. He likes having lights turned off, so I said to him “… Yeah dark guy.” But this is only following the above examples as well.

Need assistance moving MySQL 5.1 database to another PC [on hold]

Need assistance moving MySQL 5.1 database to another PC. The database is used to view scanned imaged within an Electronic Medical Record that was built in FoxPro. The configuration uses an ODBC connector system DSN that points to the localhost for the server and data3 for the database. When copying the MySQL sub-directory in its entirety and configured the 3.51 MySQL driver exactly the ODBC connection fails. I know nothing about MySQL and I’m not sure what I’m missing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Get the mouse event value from another module

I have two simple class. one calls another. one of the classes is QGIS map tool and only returns the position of the clicked event to the method which activates maptool. I don’t know how to do this The following is the structure I am trying to do.
These two classes are located in two different modules

class Class1:
    def __init__(self):

    def get_location(self):
        canvas = iface.mapCanvas()

class Class2(QgsMapTool):
    def __init__(self,canvas):
        QgsMapTool.__init__(self, canvas)

    def canvasReleaseEvent(self, event):
        return [event.pos().x(),event.pos().y()]

Open an HSA at another bank and transfer even if I am not qualified to contribute?

Last month, my girlfriend got a new job with good health insurance and an FSA account. She has an HSA account from her previous job and the custodian is dinging her with monthly fees because she’s below their minimum balance to waive the fees. We’d like to get away from these fees, but I’m having a hard time understanding what the rules are. So I have a few questions:

  1. Can she open an HSA account with another bank and transfer her funds there? I’m a bit confused on this, because the rules say she can’t open an HSA because she has an FSA (and no HDHP), but since she already has an HSA it seems she ought to be able to transfer it to another bank.

  2. She was working at her old job for most of the year, and made some contributions to her HSA but I don’t believe she is near the limit. Can she make an additional contribution to her HSA to reach the limit before year end, even though she now has an FSA?

I want to buy ANOTHER copy of a game I already own and give it as a gift to a friend on Steam?

Basically what the title says – I’m on my friend’s wishlist and want to buy them a game BUT I already own a copy of the game – for some reason the “Add to Cart” option is greyed out on the store’s page and so I can’t add it to my cart?

Is there something I’m missing here?

Edit: (Included a screenshot)

enter image description here