Does anyone know some “high-level” website builder along with back end?

I am somewhere in the middle of developing a web app and am stuck because of skill gap.

I paid someone to build a Laravel based website that has crap looking UI but good functionality. (its not only the UI though that I want to turn it over).

The website basically stores user profiles along with attachments, and paying users could access those profiles based on custom business rules.

(hence – pricing plans, payment gateway – fair enough for a backend). And on top it will have blogs, static pages etc.

Now I want to take it forward but I need full / “better than Laravel” control over the source (I may rather not pay someone but do it myself. Exceptions could be things like security, scaling etc where I can selectively use my budget to hire experts).

I am a native mobile dev but not much into web and do not have momentum to learn it till the last bit – at this stage at least. Building with Laravel was not a decision I made, and now that this dev is no more with me, I do not know whether to take it forward as is, turn it around, and how.

Is there a way to use some high level website builder tool that will make the whole thing some bunch of configurations?

I am familiar with wordpress but not the underlying php stuff. Also, as I already said, this has quite some data processing requirements so mere web-templates won’t work.

Thanks all for your support and time…

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If anyone has proposed an alternative to the Binomial Nomenclature

Wondering if anyone/teams have recently come up with alternatives/suggestions to the Binomial Nomenclature system. If so, where they might be.

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Guitar Fetish Pickups – Can anyone describe their tone and quality?

OK. I have seen Guitar Fetish pickups at prices that seem insane compared to what most pickups cost – and they have things like humbucker sized P90s that are hard to find in any case. Their stuff looks great and they actually seem to know what they’re talking about.

But I’ve never heard one. I don’t have any friends who’ve taken the plunge and bought one. I’m reluctant to take a risk on any of these without a real human being reporting on it.

  • Based on your experience, are these pickups well-built, or are they noisy pickups that won’t last?

  • How do they compare to, say, units built by Gibson or Seymour Duncan?

  • Can anyone describe the kind of tone they get, compared to other pickups?

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Can anyone help me figure out what type of bug this is?

In the past weeks I’ve had these bugs show up. First on my dinner table and now on a book shelf. I’ve sprayed bug spray and then vinegar on the table itself. But it doesn’t seem to deter them.

up close view

normal view

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Can anyone guess the company/model of the Phone used in this picture? I guess its Samsung. Any idea?

Can anyone guess the company/model of the Phone used in this picture? I guess its Samsung. Any idea? Photo

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Nay good night! Does anyone know where this originates?

My aunt used to gasp, when shocked about something, “Nay good night!”

I didn’t understand as a child, but I have a feeling now, it means (roughly) not getting a good night’s sleep over the shock or concern.

Does anyone else have an insight? Or an old Aunt that used to say this?

For reference: She was born in 1920 in North Dakota. This was the first generation of her Norwegian family to be native English speakers.

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Does anyone know any SRS-resources for French learning?

Is there any sites or apps that use a spaced repetition technique (SR-system) for learning new words or grammar?

There are several examples I am really excited about (WaniKani – for Japenese Kanji, Jalup NEXT – for learning Kanji as well as grammar, Bunpro – specifically for Japanese grammar), but as you’ve already noticed they are all for learning Japanese. However, the results of not that long learning are quite impressive for me. One word, SRS just works for me.

So, I’m wondering about similar examples for French.

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Can anyone explain what is the chaotic behavior and how it is actually achieved in non-linear regression or any other networks in very simple terms?

I am a novice to AI. I am finding it hard to understand how the chaotic behavior of the human brain is achieved in neural networks. There are a number of explanations but it would be very helpful if I get a very simple explanation or any redirections answering the same. Thank you.

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Question: Apart from Solar, does anyone believe in imminent cooling?

Question: Apart from Solar, does anyone believe in imminent cooling?

Question: Apart from Solar, does anyone believe in imminent cooling?

If, in your view, the warming has slowed, stopped or reversed, and that Global average temperatures will fall over the next couple of decades of so, on what evidence do you base that view? Thanks everyone.

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Does anyone know the name of this piano piece?

I’ve been unable to find out the name of this piano piece. Any help is appreciated.

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