What is the wavelength of the matter wave associated with a proton moving at 339 m/s? [on hold]

What is the wavelength of the matter wave associated with a proton moving at 339 m/s?

… with a 187-kg astronaut (including her spacesuit) moving at the same speed?

… with Earth moving along its orbit around the Sun?

What is the cost associated with a market that has no transactions?

I know that there’s plenty of questions on fees, but they’re mostly from 2017 and I’d like to get some current answers as of late 2018

If I start a market, where I’m also the designated reporter, that had no participants besides my liquidity orders, how much have I lost? I’m primarily concerned with the validity bond and the reporters stake when I report on the event. Am I getting both of those fees back?

Once the event and reporting is completely finished, what is my net outlay – in REP and ETH – for this type of market?

Are Canaanite Goddesses Associated with Pigs?

Many goddesses are associated with pigs, mostly because of their fertility. For example, the pig was sacred to Isis, and the Greeks sacrificed pigs to Demeter, and also in sacrificial rituals at certain Attic festivals. But I don’t recall pigs being associated in myths with the Canaanite goddesses, such as Asherah, Anat, or Astarte. (I’m checking this in connection with the Israelite prohibition on eating pork.) Does anyone know of Canaanite myths or legends in which pigs are associated with their goddesses?

Recovering a graded vector space from its associated graded

Let $V = bigoplus_{nge 0} V^n$ be a graded vector space over some field $k$. This grading gives it a filtration $F^pV := bigoplus_{nge p}V^n$, using which we may form the associated graded vector space $text{gr}(V) := bigoplus_{pge 0} F^pV/F^{p+1}V$.

There’s an obvious map $Vrightarrowtext{gr}(V)$ induced by the isomorphisms $alpha_n : V^ncong F^nV/F^{n+1}V$, and this seems to be an isomorphism to me.

On the other hand, in the first half of page 4 of this book the author seems to imply that this is only an isomorphism when each $V^n$ is finite dimensional.

I don’t see why this is condition is necessary.

Can someone either explain what I’m missing, or explain how I might be misreading the text?

Wrong Content type gets associated with a document when creating using a content type template

We have many content type associated with a document library with each content type having its own document template.

When we try to create a document based on any of those template using offline ms office element like ms word or excel, it creates the document based on that template but associates Content type Document with it, not the content type from which it was created.

Is there a way to update a partial refund for an event registration and associated contribution?

On 4.7.15

Tried to update a contribution record from Pending Refund to Completed (not integrated with accounting software)

Got “Cannot change contribution status from Pending refund to Completed” message

Customer registered on-line (we use Drupal) but made a selection error that requires a small refund. I was able to change selections from within Civi, and prices updated correctly. Now that the refund has been processed through Authorize.net, I want to update the Contribution record.

how to get export sql query for configurable products with its associated products in magento 2?

Actually i am trying like this below query but its not giving whole
products collections for configurable products with its associated products

select * from catalog_product_entity left join catalog_product_relation on (parent_id = entity_id) where type_id = "configurable" group by parent_id having (count(*) = 0)