Question: Questions for athletic or adventurous kids under age 18?

How much thought have you given about anything other than what you were assigned to do…

How much thought have you given, to the fact that you don’t even know, and never seen or met the real people who run the programs that you are in ?

How much thought have you given, to the fact that the activities that you do, are in fact the finished product, of an entire chain of command way above you ?

How much thought have you given, to the fact that the people who run the programs that you may be in…
Are there, because they fit the criteria of what the top man in the organization thinks is appropriate based on an arbitrary culture, and not necessarily the best man for the job…
And that could mean, and probably does mean a)ssholes run the program ?

I want to know..

How much thought have you given to the fact that you are anywhere between 10 and 17 or 18 years old…
And the people who run these programs are in their 30s, 40s and 50s, they have college degrees ?

How much thought have you given to the existence of much safer alternatives to these programs that achieve the same thing in your life ?

Question: Question on athletic scholarships. How do they work?

I m researching a for a debate on paying college athletes. I came to an article and I m confused by this passage. Does this mean that the student with $64380 has to pay for rooms and tuition? or just tuition?

“By comparison, how bad was the scholarship model? According to the federal tax code, the $45,000 tuition award is deductible, but room and board are not. The student-athlete will be able to deduct book expenses and qualify for a tax credit under the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC), reducing his tax. The bottom line is that the student-athlete gets a $200 refund in federal taxes and pays $820 in state taxes, for a total tax bill of $620. There’s no local payroll tax because he was not an employee. This means $64,380 of the $65,000 scholarship can go toward paying academic expenses of $65,000”

Question: Better athletic performance when u don’t masterbate?

So I’m 15, and I masterbate everyday. I have always heard that there is nothing wrong with that. But I remember reading that I helps with athlete performance. So I tested it. One day I benched 185 once for football. That was my max. Then I went 4 days w/o it for our combine and I benched 185 6 times. Idk if this is some superstition but ig it worked. Is there any truth behind this?