How to Create a Remote Event Receiver and Attach it to different document libraries with PowerShell?

How to Create a Remote Event Receiver and Attach it to different document libraries with PowerShell? Currently I can attach a Remote Event Receiver by enabling the Handle Add-In Installed, but the problem is that I can only attach it to a specific list. I know that this can be done with powershell and I tried it but my RER does not fire, tho I can see it attached to the Document Library. Is there something that I should configure to my solution for this to work?

This is the article that I read regarding creating Remote Event Receiver:

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How to attach an ID to the showErrors: function in jquery validation plugin

I am using the jquery validation plugin. I have a “showErrors” function to hide a second form on error and on click of the submit button if the user goes back and modifies the first form and creates new errors.

The problem is the second form is also taking on the “showErrors” function. It is hiding when the user clicks the submit for that form as well.

I want to attach an ID (form1) to the “showErrors” function so it ONLY works with the first form. Does anybody know how to do this?

showErrors: function (errorMap, errorList) { var errors = this.numberOfInvalids() if (errors) { $('section#form2').hide(300); $('input[type="submit"]').click(function() { if ($('#gc_currentmember_username_submit[type="submit"]').on(':click')) { $('section#form2').hide(300); } }); } this.defaultShowErrors(); },

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Performance increase by only attach onblur handler inside of onfocus handler?

Given a web page with input fields, does it have a performance difference whether or not you assign the onblur handler inside of the onfocus handler like so:

var inputFields = document.querySelectorAll("input");

for (i = 0; i < inputFields.length; ++i) {
    var thisInput = inputFields[i];

    thisInput.onfocus = function(){

        console.log("input received focus");

        this.onblur = function(){

            console.log("input lost focus");
            thisInput.onblur = null;

        }//end onblur handler

    }//end onfocus handler  

}//end for loop

My thought was that this would only add the blur event when the input event received focus and that the blur handler could be removed when the blur processing was done. I thought perhaps this would improve efficiency since there are less event handlers attached at a given time versus assigning all input fields the onblur handler at setup. Are there any caveats to setting up the code this way? If it matters, this will be used in a firefox extension.

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Can you attach a non-load bearing hip/waist belt to an existing bag?

Is there a way to upgrade a bag to have hip belts?

If so what should I look for in identifying a good product to fill this niche?

Something like this but a hip belt

I would prefer not to have to sew, but this does not have to bear any weight, so I’m hoping that is not an issue. My main concern is to be able to clip easy-access storage onto the new belt.

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How to attach an image file in the questions asked

I m using QGIS 2.18. I am getting the following error when I try to convert dxf to shapefile. The other software like online convertor and arcgis give no errors in converting the same shapefile. The program crashes. I want to attach an image file of the error generated screenshot but do not know how to attach an image file in the question asked here.

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Robotics to attach wire to spool

So I’m working on a project that requires me to measure a length of wire from an existing spool, spool it on a new spool and cut it. Measuring and spooling the wire seem simple enough, however the machine needs to be able to spool X amount of wires of a pre-specified length without user intervention. This poses a problem for reattaching the end of the wire to the spooling device after it is cut. Currently, I’ve considered and electromagnet that will “hold” the wire in place on the spool until the wire can spool on top of itself and hold itself in place but it still poses some problems of it’s own. Any of you guys have any novel solutions to this or some experience with a similar problem? I’m just kind of stuck and need some more ideas. Thanks in advance.

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Call to undefined method IlluminateDatabaseQueryBuilder::attach()

I have this error

BadMethodCallException: Call to undefined method                      IlluminateDatabaseQueryBuilder::attach()

for this in the test case


how to fix this?

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How to attach lycra / leather to Polyurethane foam?

What would be the best solution for attaching polyurethane foam to a lycra sheet of material. I was thinking a chain or pad stitch or possibly glue, but not sure if sewing would be the best alternative or another approach might work better to secure firmly these two types of materials together?

Or alternative, how to bond polyurethane foam with a leather sheet?

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How to attach/upload a file to node using restws?

I’ve got a content type with “File” field and “File” widget. I am successfully able to create a node without a file using restws. But, if I want to attach a file to it, it just doesn’t allow me to do that. I’ve tried many different things, but with failure.

Also, when accessing a node with file already attached to it, using get request (e.g. {domain_name}/node/219.json), the file field is displayed as an empty element, even though file is existing and is displayed fine when viewing the node in edit mode from admin area.





The node array without file field, that succeeds is as below:

$new_node = array(
    'body' => array(),
    'type' => 'simple',
    'title' => 'Content created with restws',
    'language' => 'und',
    'status' => 1,
    'promote' => 0,
    'sticky' => 0,
    'author' => 1    

And content-type:

'Content-Type: application/json'

But I think, I am not 100% sure on how to include a file in it (have tried few different things), which might be leading to failure. Can anyone provide me with guidance for attaching/uploading a file with restws please?

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Type of adhesive to use to attach seashells to a frame already glued to a wall [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • What kind of glue works for stones and shells?

    7 answers

Some of the hot glued shells have fallen off the frame. I didn’t sand the frame since it has the color/finish I like and I don’t want to “cover” the frame entirely. I used Tacky craft glue but it took too long to dry. Crazy glue didn’t work because not all shells have a smooth surface to attach to the smooth surface on the frame. Gorilla glue didn’t work because I had to apply water to one surface and then “clamp” it – impossible to do.

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