What investment strategy is currently being hawked on FM radio commercials?

I’ve heard similar radio commercials in multiple states now. A guy says he can teach you how to invest where you’ll “get the full return in the good years, but be protected from crashes” (paraphrased). Does anyone know what type of “system” is being hawked right now, or is this not specific enough a question?

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Tips for being a happy caregiver(for my mother)

“How do you become a good caregiver for your parent in a sustainable way?”


I’m a 28 year-old married man.
A month ago we learned my mother has a stage 4 recurrent rectal cancer in her lungs. She lives in Seoul Korea, and I live in Helsinki Finland studying for my master’s degree, working and living with my wife.

My father lives with my mother and my older brother lives 5 minutes away from her but due to the long Korean work hours(10~15hr) it’s not easy for them to take care of her. So I decided to fly to Korea for two months and be her caregiver. Very fortunately, my employer gave me his absolute support for me to be away and allowed me to focus on caregiving while being paid fully.

I’ve been now caregiving for 2.5 weeks and I’m already stressed out and tired.(I sometimes feel exhausted but I’d like to save that adjective for more difficult times) Here was my initial schedule.

  • @4:30. Wake up and prepare simple snacks for my father.(He leaves at 5:50)
  • @6:30~8:00 Morning exercise with mother
  • @11:00~13:30 Prepare & eat lunch
  • @13:30~14:00 dishes
  • @15:00~17:00 gym with mother
  • @17:00~19:00 Prepare & eat dinner
  • @19:00~19:45 dishes
  • @20:00~21:00 my father comes home he wishes me to be his company for chatting and walking
  • @23:00 to bed

Sometimes I get asked to pick up my niece from her kindergarten in the evening because my brother’s and his wife’s work finishes too late. After one week I got exhuasted, Now I don’t do anything for my father’s breakfast and wake up at 7.

This is tougher than the time when I took care of my niece full-time 3 years ago when she was a baby. It’s not like I never went to a gym in my life. I was in Marine and I go to gym and swimming regularly. Marine life was tough but it was different kind of toughness which wasn’t so stressful. I cannot understand why caregiving is so tiring for me while there are so many elder female professional caregivers who has been doing it full-time for their life.

I don’t know if this is temporary stress as I’m adopting to it or I’m doing things in an unsustainable way.

I love my mother and I’m happy to see her smile when she’s pleased to be with me. However, there’s also mental stress. I feel anger because for me I feel like I’m taking most of the responsibility for my mother. I don’t understand why my father still comes home at 9 pm. I’m stressed because my brother is adding workload to me by asking me to take care of her daughter. My wife gets snappy sometimes because I’m always tired and distracted from her. I get stressed because I cannot work which I love(I’m an AI researcher).

It became a long text but my question is simple. Why am I so tired and how can I do it without getting tired?


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Being washed two weeks ago

Is “being” okay in the following? What difference does it make if it is removed?

(Being) washed two weeks ago, the car still looks spotlessly clean.

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Contribution emails not being sent – Direct Deposit/Pay Later

For online contributions, the only email that gets sent is when the contributor pays immediately (receipt). Thank you emails are not automatically sent and I cannot work out whether this is functioning as designed. When the direct deposit option is selected, no email is automatically sent out.

In addition there is a setting on the profile we use for contributions to notify when the form is submitted. This has not been working either.

After some research, I enabled the CiviContribute setting to automatically email invoices (enable tax and invoicing section) which made the email notification of profile submissions work for some reason, but not the invoice/receipts for pay later.

Any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot? CiviCRM v4.7.8 but this has been an issue since 4.7

If I disable automatic email of invoices, no emails are sent unless pay now (including profile submission email). If I enable automatic email invoice I get a pdf invoice every time as well as a profile submission email. This is fine as a workaround but if anyone knows a way to get it to email without a pdf attachment, that would be better. I received intermittent emails without pdfs (one with an amount, one without amount) while I was testing a couple of hours ago, then the pdfs started arriving consistently, so I customised those as a way forward.

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When did the Kompromat move from the boiler to being buried?

A potential plot-hole in the TV-series Bodyguard, but when would it have been possible for the Kompromat (tablet) to have been buried in the grounds near David Budd’s flat?

We see him preparing to meet Chanel, prior to his kidnap, by removing his gun from a secret compartment in his gas boiler and replacing this with the Keys to Julia Montague’s flat and the tablet containing the compromising information.
However, when he returns to his flat surrounded by Police having not had the chance to return to his flat in the meantime, he sends his wife to retrieve a length of rope and a spade with which to dig up the tablet from a garden below.

As it is not explained, or hinted-at as an off-camera action, perhaps we are to believe that this was always the hiding place and something else was stored in the boiler compartment?
(Or perhaps as Lucy Lawless said in The Simpsons, Wizards did it?)

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Is Intel’s TBB being used on consoles like PlayStation 4 or even game development in general? [on hold]

I have been doing quite a bit of self-learning on the topic of parallel programming and recently task-based programming. And this question kind of dawn onto me about console vendors and their library. Are there any developers or game engines that use Intel’s TBB at all?

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Maintenance page being rendered as an entire page load after the main page load

I’ve noticed that I’ve got a maintenance page being rendered in its entire HTML markup format after my pages. The site is not in maintenance mode, and this is not intentional behaviour.

I had been using the module CDN, to experiment with integrating a CDN. That was using that area at the bottom of the page, but when I disabled it, and uninstalled it, it has not stopped the problem.



This also displays on my admin theme. Does this mean it is not something to do with my custom theme? Is there anything in particular that I could look or has anyone seen this behaviour before?

page rendering twice

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Is there a plugin or setting that prints the name of EVERY template being rendered in HTML comments?…

This question already has an answer here:

  • How can I make a template output its own filename?

    3 answers

Is there a plugin or setting that prints the name of EVERY template being rendered in HTML comments? I noticed this type of feature in a Drupal project and it was useful for debugging.

This is useful if you add it to every template you make, but I’d like to be able to turn it on/off globally for all templates in dev mode:
How can I make a template output its own filename?

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Basic pages are being rendered incorrectly do they differ at all to the article or custom content types in…

I have a custom theme, all (custom) content types display as expected except basic pages. Is there something fundamentally different to basic pages that explains/ helps me to troubleshoot why the markup is different?

The site has custom theme/child-theme, custom modules, and a heap of contrib modules so I can’t really “paste the code”, and as it’s a development site I can’t give access to it.

The problem I’m experiencing seems to be HTML markup errors, some missing closing elements etc., but I’ve stepped through most of the code already and can’t see anything. Is it something specific to basic pages that Drupal does differently?

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How to let people know I don’t appreciate being ignored in instant messaging?

When talking with people through instant messenger or texting, I find it rude when someone doesn’t reply. The other day I had met up with someone I knew from school. He told me about a business idea he had, and expressed interest in working with me. The next day I messaged him about it and he ignored me (even though I got the read receipt). A day later I messaged “aren’t you going to reply?” and he basically gave some short answer that I’m pretty sure was intended to be dismissive.

How can I set boundaries to let people know I expect a reply, even if it’s something like “I don’t feel like doing this anymore”? Or is this just the reality when it comes to instant messaging etiquette? I know some individuals who do this more than others (i.e., it’s a habit) and that is the focus of this question.

I agree sometimes a day is not long enough, and that read receipts may not have had time to reply. However, the question I asked was very straightforward (what is the name of the website?) and this same individual has done things like this before. Perhaps a better example is my friend was going to an event that I was going to as well, and when I asked him what time he would be arriving, he ignored me. Even replying “not sure” I would find more polite.

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