How to disable LinkedIn birthday event notification in mac calendar?

I have a lot of connections in LinkedIn and due to this every time when I open my laptop I got notification about there birthday.

My calendar looks like this

enter image description here

It is very inconvenient, how knows how to disable these events or discard linkedIn from calendar?

Question: Why do women love to make plans or RSVP to like kids birthday parties and then always cancel at the…

I notice girls often make plans with their friends or people they haven’t seen in a while and promise to meet up for coffee or visit eachother but in the end it doesn’t happen as they cancel. Is it do to the fact they only like doing exactly what they want to do at all moments?

Question: Should you wish someone happy birthday even if you guys are not on good terms?

There’s someone whose birthday is coming up. The thing is we haven’t seen each other in a year and our last conversation was an argument. It was pretty bad between us. Tbh I don’t even think they remember I exist. We go way back to a few years ago. Should you still wish someone happy birthday even though you hate each other? My intentions are still not to be friends again, but still if you remember their birthday should you still say it? If anything it’s only a text message saying happy birthday because I currently do not know their location. I can’t say it in person is what I’m saying.

Question: Would it be bad to combine my grandparents 80th birthday parties?

My grandfather turns 80 on January 2nd. My nana will be 80 on February 26th. I was thinking to throw them a combined party at the end of January. They have lots of friends and family to invite. I’d be paying for the hall/decorations/food myself so I’m not sure i could afford 2 parties. Also it will be a surprise so if i throw my grandfather one then my nana will be extra suspicious. My mom passed away and my uncle doesnt really care about this stuff…..I dont want them to not feel special though! Idk 🙁

Question: Should i tell my friend happy birthday when i’m not sure if we are even friends anymore?

We haven’t seen each other in about a year and when we have texted each other i have always started the conversation. But we have not texted many times this year and i don’t think we are friends anymore. So i’m not sure if i should tell him happy birthday or not? I don’t have any plans on meeting him anymore or texting/talking with him since i just don’t feel like we have a connection so i think this could be a good way to stop being in contact? or would it be rude? I don’t want to hurt him. By the way i changed schools (far away) so that’s why our friendship went like this but we have been friends since childhood so that’s also why i’m really unsure what to do.