How do I increase font size in Pidgin’s buddy list?

My workplace has me using Pidgin on Windows 7. I am having trouble making it play nicely with my accessibility requirements. Specifically, as a GTK app out of its native habitat it is not following my desktop preferences for larger fonts.

Most importantly I need to increase the font size in the buddy list. I can change the size for a conversation using the built-in preferences, but that doesn’t affect the buddy list. It appears (from Googling) that I need to write a custom theme for this. I have no prior GTK experience.

I found this page about writing themes; I followed the instructions there and successfully installed the example they give, which worked. Then I set out to write what I actually want.

Following the model there I created the following theme in a new, parallel directory. This does not load (it’s not on the list when I try to change the theme), so apparently there’s an error (but I can’t identify it):

      Increase font size in buddy list   

I’ve tried several things for the value of font based on this documentation:

  • font=”14″
  • font=”[14]”
  • font=”Verdana [14]”
  • above with 14.0

I also tried omitting the image declaration in theme (really, images are the last thing I care about…) in case that was a bad reference somehow, but that didn’t change anything.

So I might not be specifying the size correctly, and there might be some other error in this theme that prevents it from loading as well.

Question: I told my **** buddy i had feelings!?

Long story short. Me and my husband of 8.5 year has had a sexual open relationship for 7.5 years. I been having sex with his brother for about that amount of time. My husband knows. Well we was all drinking the other night and here lately i been thinking about i may have smallll feelings for him. Well that night of drinking i told him right before having sex. He confessed and said he did but i think he only done so because i was drunk talking to him. I feel lost on what to do. I cant ever be with him so idk why i even told him…

How to add specified user role’s all users list on drop down menu of Buddy Press custom add profile field

Is anyone an idea to add separate user role’s all users list in drop down menu of custom add profile field of Buddy Press ?

For example I have three types of roles. Admin,Doctor,Patient. I built Patient registration form. In this form I add the field using Buddy Press plugin’s sub menu as using below steps…

  1. First I go to Users->Profile Fields->Add New Field->
  2. Here in Name I add a name of field label “Assigned to”
  3. Under the Type I select “Drop Down”
  4. Now I stuck. I want here I need users list of my all users whose role is Doctor. In another words I want here my sites all registered Doctors list.

Is anyone have an idea to do this ?

Regards and Thanks in Advance