Create a function in python that calculates the commission for a salesman based on the table below: [on hold]

Between $10,000 -$20,000 2% of sale
Between $20,000 -$30,000 3.5% of sale
$30,000 and over 5% of sale
Allow the accounts clerk to enter the sales figures for the salesman.

creating an R function that calculates based on character vectors

I’m trying to create a function of two arguments that will calculate gpa.

For instance, function(c("A", "B+", "C"), c(3,3,1)) should calculate ((4*3)+(3.3*3)+(2*1))/7, showing the result as 3.457143.

How do I make the function convert the character input as a numeric value? I am a total beginner in R.

Trying to understand how openssl calculates IV and key from passphrase

Once I generate the encrypted private key, public key and ca certifcates from openssl for radius server. with sha256-pkdf2 and 3des
I put these files in ubuntu system for eapol communication.

I am trying to understand how ubuntu system is able to decrypt the private key, just by using passphrase.
How it calculates IV and key using the passphrase? Both of these values are not in private key pem file.
To decrypt the encrypted private key, we need both IV and key right?