Question: I ve been wondering, there s been a mobile game that I cannot remember the name of?

It is a game where you build/design a robot that you bring into an arena to fight other robots, however you are using a wide variety of pieces and parts in order to make it. It also includes several weapons that you can strap on. Not only can you build the robot but you can also animate how the robot can walk and attack as well. If anyone knows what the name of this game is, it will be a great help

Cannot read property ‘get_file’ of undefined

Como puedo solucionar este error, mi codigo es:

odoo.define('backup_all', function (require) {
"use strict";

var core = require('web.core');
var Widget = require('web.Widget');
var framework = require('web.framework');

var web_settings_dashboard = require('web_settings_dashboard');
var crash_manager = require('web.crash_manager');

var DashboardBackups = Widget.extend({
    template: 'DashboardBackups',

    events: {
        'click .o_web_settings_dashboard_download_backup': 

    init: function(parent, data){ = data;
        this.parent = parent;
        this._super.apply(this, arguments);

    on_backup_clicked: function(e){
        var filename = $(e.currentTarget).data('filename');
        var c = crash_manager;
            'url': '/odoo/backups',
            'data': {
                'filename': filename,
            'complete': framework.unblockUI,
            'error': c.rpc_error.bind(c)

El error es:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'get_file' of undefined

A neutral expression to understand that more cannot be done at a late stage?

I sent an informal inquiry about an open position in a certain field of research. The application deadline was rather soon (less than one week), so the response was essentially “please apply if you are interested but we cannot give other advice at this late stage”.

How would I respond to this? Something like

Indeed, the application period closes soon. Thank you for the quick reply!

or just

Thank you for the quick reply!

HttpMessageNotReadable Exceotion: JSON parse error: cannot deserialize instance of ArrayList out of start…

I have an endpoint

@GetMapping(value = "/accounts/{accountId}/placementInfo", headers = "version=1")
  public List findPlacementDetailByPlacementInfoAtTime(@PathVariable("accountId") Long accountId,
                                                                        @RequestParam(value = "searchDate", required = false)
                                                                        @DateTimeFormat(iso = DateTimeFormat.ISO.DATE) LocalDate searchDate) {}

And I am sending the request by using rest template

placementResponseEntity =, searchDate), HttpMethod.GET,
          apiRequestEntity,new ParameterizedTypeReference>() {});

with a helper method

 private String placementUriBuilder(long accountId, LocalDate searchDate) throws IOException {
        String url;

        if(searchDate != null) {
          url = UriComponentsBuilder.fromUri(serverUri.getUri()).path(resourceUri).queryParam("searchDate", searchDate.format(DateTimeFormatter.ISO_DATE)).build().toUriString();
        } else {
          url = UriComponentsBuilder.fromUri(serverUri.getUri()).path(resourceUri).build().toUriString();
        return url;

When I look at the SO people talk about sending the object and failing as the created JSON is in wrong format but here this is a get api and I do not understand the source of the problem.

Cannot scroll terminal in Debian

I have a Debian Virtual Machine running on VMWare Pro 15.
The problem is my laptop doesn’t have a separate Page up and Page down key it resides under the 9 and 3 key of my keypad. When toggling numlock (I can no longer type numbers) I cannot scroll in the terminal. Page up returns nothing, the terminal knows I pressed a key but does nothing with it. And Page down just gives me a tilde (~). I tried to edit /etc/inputrc but with no luck at all.

My Keyboard layout is US International, with dead keys.
Laptop: ASUS GL503VM

Cannot make new meeting requests in outlook 2016 but can in outlook 2010 with exchange 2013 Rooms calendars?

This one is a tough one. I am able to make “New Meeting Requests” in outlook 2010, but this option is grayed out in office 2016. The Mailbox enabled room calendar was created in exchange 2007 and then migrated to exchange 2013. All the Mailbox enabled rooms with calendars are grayed out in office 2016. All Employees have the permissions to write to the calendars, according to the permissions tab. I’m a little stuck and need help. can someone point me in the right direction?

More Details:

  • Can create events in rooms which are free during that time slot. Rooms that are not free during that time slot do not show. The room in question does not show even during free times.
  • The mailbox resource calendar is set to the correct time zone.
  • We only have exchange 2013. All other versions of exchange has been shutdown.
  • I have checked permissions and the permissions are correct. However, I can not make new meeting requests in outlook 2016, but can in OWA and Exchange 2010.

What causes “attribute key cannot be found when processing” errors?

I’m consistently getting variations on this error when I process the cube in my first SSAS project:

Errors in the OLAP storage engine: The attribute key cannot be found
when processing: Table: ‘dbo_Transactions’, Column: ‘TransactionSK’,
Value: ‘68342998’; Table: ‘dbo_Transactions’, Column:
‘TransactionDateTimeUTC’, Value: ‘7625037’. The attribute is
‘Transaction SK’.

The phrase “attribute key cannot be found when processing” gets a number of Google hits, and several hits on Stack Overflow too (1, 2, 3). However, these address broken FKs, NULL values, or duplicate values (e.g., due to inconsistent case sensitivity). None of those situations apply.

There’s just one table here: dbo.Transactions. It has fields TransactionSK and TransactionDateTimeUTC, both INT NOT NULL. As you can guess, the TransactionDateTimeUTC field is an FK to a DateTimes table, but there are no missing records, that’s enforced in ETL and I’ve verified it in SQL.

What else could be causing this error message? Why does it list two fields, TransactionSK and TransactionDateTimeUTC? The similar situations I’ve bumped into so far consistently only reference a single field in the error message.

The table is being updated in near-real-time, including occasional deletions, though the two fields in question are not updated. If a record is removed from the table after SSAS scans one column and before it scans another, will that produce this error? Spot-checking a few problem records, they were not created in the middle of process the cube.