Wait for Template Change on WPF

I have CustomControl which can appear in multiple way.
I have designed a Template for each situation like (dragging, placing, …)

When a user fires MouseLeftButtonDown on the Control, The Event handler will changes the Template of this control and I will make it Draggable. in this Process ActualWidth and ActualHeight of the Control will have a huge change.

I must wait for Applying the new Template and then calculate the ActualSize.

How can I wait for this Template Changes in Runtime ?

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Tire sidewall damage in new tire. Should I change it?

I put new tires about 2 months ago. Today I hit kerb quite hard and a chunk of rubber removed from the sidewall of the tyre. Should I change the tire or is it safe to drive in them? Here temperature gets very high – up to 52C (120F+) and I usually drive at 120km/h ( 75 mph)+ on highways.
Car : Ford Explorerenter image description here!

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spark join change equalTo function

I have two datasets and I would like to merge the tables if the element of a column contains the element of the other.
How can I do?

val df = infodf.join(comcapdf, 
    df1.col("Complete Name").equalTo(df2.col("Name")))


val df = infodf.join(comcapdf, 
    df1.col("Complete Name").ifContain(df2.col("Name")))

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Change video dimensions iPhone

On my macOS laptop I change video dimensions easily using ffmpeg, normally something like

ffmpeg -i vid.mp4 -vf “scale=iw/2:ih/2” our.mp4

On the iPhone I can’t find out how I can resize a video that I recorded.

How do I do that?

I want to make saved videos smaller (they have already been recorded, I know I can change the recording dimensions in settings)

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How to change AD password from MAC OS Sierra

I’m trying to change my Windows AD from my Mac password by doing:

diego$ smbpasswd -U username -r DOMAIN_CONTROLLER_IP
-bash: smbpasswd: command not found

As the command was not found I tried to install samba with homebrew without any luck:

diego$ brew install samba
Updating Homebrew...
==> Auto-updated Homebrew!
Updated 1 tap (homebrew/cask).
No changes to formulae.

Error: No available formula with the name "samba" 
==> Searching for a previously deleted formula (in the last month)...
Warning: homebrew/core is shallow clone. To get complete history run:
git -C "$(brew --repo homebrew/core)" fetch --unshallow

Error: No previously deleted formula found.
==> Searching for similarly named formulae...
Error: No similarly named formulae found.
==> Searching taps...
==> Searching taps on GitHub...
Error: No formulae found in taps.

Do you why I can’t install samba with brew ? Is there any other command / tool that I can use to change my AD password from Mac Os Sierra ?

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Why did the MSA for Taipei (RTCP) change?

enter image description here

enter image description here

I got a question about the Minimum Sector Altitude (MSA) on Jeppesen arrival plate (RCTP 20-2). The MSA circle was divided into three sectors with three altitude before (2008, top image), but I found that it is only one altitude (not divided anymore) on the new version.

I’ve been looking for the reason for a long time but still can’t figure it out. Does anyone know why they did such the change?

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Change woocommerce product type in SQL from simple to variable

Recently had to start my website from scratch.

Installed all the plugins and then restored the database.

My products were all variable products (swimsuit sizes). And now they are all simple.

I tried changing one of them to variable by just using the dropdown thing and saving and it worked so the information on the variants still exists.

Is there an SQL query I can run to bulk make them all variable products? the variants are already in place.

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Formatting table of content, How to change dot to underscore character?

I don’t know how to change the default dot point separations between section names and page number to the continuous lines shown in the figure. The main issue is that i don’t really know which package i should use, now i have toc. Can anyone help me, with a link or something?
Thanks in advance.

enter image description here

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apparmor=”DENIED” operation=”change_onexec” info=”label not found” error=-2 profile=”unconfined” name=”snap.slack.slack” pid=11613 comm=”snap-confine”

I’m trying to Install Slack for Linux, Linux apps in seconds | Snap Store and run Slack app on my Kali and getting following in my /var/log/syslog

Sep 19 16:37:58 suey kernel: [ 2527.346443] audit: type=1400
audit(1537389478.568:3): apparmor=”DENIED” operation=”change_onexec”
info=”label not found” error=-2 profile=”unconfined”
name=”snap.slack.slack” pid=11613 comm=”snap-confine”

Slack app is up to date:

# snap list slack
Name   Version  Rev  Tracking  Publisher  Notes
slack  3.3.1    8    stable    slack      classic
# snap refresh slack
snap "slack" has no updates available

Please advise.

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Windows 7 connecting to SMB server after IP change [on hold]

We are currently running OpenVPN, and to avoid local network collisions we assigned our local network a 172.16.0.X, but this causes a problem with 3 computers on the network. They are unable to be pinged and can’t connect to our file server. They can connect to the internet and can access a website hosted on our servers but File sharing doesn’t work. It’s not the firewall and when we change the network back to 192.168.1.X addressing they connect perfectly fine.

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