Change Z and Y on an English keyboard on Win 10 w/o buying software

Hez guzs… or I mean, hey guys! Ugh!

All I want is to have an English keyboard with Z and Y swapped. Why is it so hard to do? I do not want to buy a software just to have this little tweak going on. I want the change to be permanent, I do not want to be toggling it in any way. Just have an English keyboard layout with Z and Y swapped.

Sometimes I need to switch to English (because OneNote is a moron and has the worst language proofing settings I have ever seen – you have to use your mouse to change proofing language. Or use a LOT of keyboard) in order to have my text corrected as an english text. However, I switch to a different keyboard, which has Z and Y swapped and I am used to typing that my whole life and I refuse to change.

Can’t I just make it work somehow?

edit: AutoHotKey is an issue. I need the switch to work only in a specific keyboard layout without performance drops and I need my current scripts to continue working.

How to change an unfair situation in an online community?

I have tried to post in a Reddit subdirectory and I got censor. I disagree with their rule and tried to have a private conversation with the mods and I got ban.

I created a public post on their second 100 time less frequented sub and have tried to continue the conversation.

This is the link to our exchange: Banned from /r/tezos – too many message sent to mods

What would you do to change this rule with which many of us disagree? Or would you just settle for the current status quo?
What would you do?

Change template copy with po/mo files

I just got my hands on a WordPress site and i’m trying to edit some words from a theme login template, so I went to cPanel to check how the theme templates handle the copy and I found the pt_PT.po with the words I was looking for.

After understanding a bit better how .po and .mo files work, I installed LOCO translations plugin to edit those files and I found the phrases I was looking for, edited and saved them.

I went back to cPanel and the .po file was changed with the copy I wanted, but there were no changes to the site, even after cleaning the cache. .mo file was also changed because had the same “last modified” timestamp.

I read in other answers that adding define('WPLANG', 'your_language'); to the wp-config.php would do the trick, but since this site already has the translations from English to Portuguese online it didn’t make sense to me to add that line.

I’m I wrong and I still need to add it or is it something else?


Conformal change of the Laplace-Beltrami operator

Given $(M,g)$ a Riemannian manifold of dimension $n= 2$. Let $ tilde{g} = e^{2phi} g$. If $phi$ is a smooth function, then


Does the same formula hold when $varphi= alpha ln |x|$ ($alpha in mathbb{R}$)? It is clear that the above formula holds away from $0$ and I wonder what happens near the origin. Is $$Delta_{tilde{g}}=e^{-2phi}Delta_g+beta delta(0),$$

for some $beta$?

How to dynamic change the size of the icon marker when using Leaflet maps and views

I am using the module Leaflet and its sub-module “Leaflet views” and IP Geolocation Views & Maps (IPGV&M for short), which provides a nice way to assign icon images to, in my case, content type in order to get a map displaying markers. I have set it up so to show different markers depending on the content type. I have also a field linked to the nodes, displaying a number, which is the number of users subscribed to that node.

What I need is to change dynamically the size of the marker, so that the nodes with more people subscribed (bigger int) will appear bigger than others with lower number.

I am using a view to display the map and the markers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Question: How big a factor is poor science education in the U.S. in anthropogenic climate change denial?

I ask this because when I read the answers in here from people on the denial side, it’s clear that that there isn’t a single one of them that has any background in atmospheric science or physics. I should add that I don’t think this is true of graduate education in the U.S., which I think is unsurpassed in the world. To a large extent, though, this is being used to best advantage by non-U.S. citizens.