NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore key value keeps coming back

I’m trying to migrate some data away from iCloud, so I figured I would simply delete the key once I saved it in the new location then I would know if the value no longer needed migration if the value was no longer in iCloud.

NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore.default.removeObject(forKey: objectKey)

After I remove that, if I check , the key is empty:

NSUbiquitousKeyValueStore.default.object(forKey: objectKey) == nil

All good, but when I close and reopen the app, the key has the original value in it before I removed it. I even tried running synchronize after removeObject():


But no good, the key’s value keeps returning after I restart the app. Thoughts?

Top loader washing machine inner drain hose coming loose during cycle

My Haier HWMP65-918 top loader leaked yesterday so I removed the back panel and discovered the internal drain hose had come loose. I reattached the hose and clamped it back into place. After 2 test loads it has come free again.

Does this mean that something else is going wrong (drum is vibrating too much etc)? Or do I just need to get a better clamp? It’s been running fine for over 2 years.

How do I stop Brahmins from coming into my structures in Fallout 4?

This might not sound like a big deal but it’s driving me nuts. A number of my settlements have Brahmins wandering around inside buildings, getting in the way and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

An example is Hangman’s Alley, which must be one of the smaller settlements but because of it’s excellent position I’ve put a lot of effort into developing it. I’ve built a multi-story structure that’s partially open on the ground floor (as the existing environment means I can’t wall it up).

Every time I visit Hangman’s Alley there is a Brahmin stomping around on the ground floor of my structure, blocking the stairwell, making it difficult to use the workbenches, standing on sleeping bags and generally getting in the way.

I then built a Brahmin drinking trough at the other end of the alley, and built a fence (with a gate) between the trough and the structure. But that hasn’t changed anything, the Brahmin hasn’t gone anywhere near the trough and was still blocking access to everywhere I want to be.

So I shot it, dead. Which sort of solved the problem – I could now get to the stairs/ use the workbenches – apart from the aesthetic issue of having an immovable dead two headed cow in my bedroom.

After a couple of game days adventuring I returned to Hangman’s Alley to find the dead Brahmin had disappeared and there was now a live Brahmin back in the ground floor – blocking everything off. Argh!

I tried herding it by pushing/ hitting it (didn’t work), I tried to build another fence – but space is very limited and I couldn’t build a fence/ gate/ door system that’d allow me and the settlers access the structure while blocking the Brahmin. I’ve also seen Brahmins jammed in doorways/ entrance ways so I wasn’t sure how effective a fence/ gate/ door would be if I could build one.

As I said, it probably doesn’t seem like a big deal but it’s driving me nuts. I haven’t put hours into building my settlements to have noisy ugly two headed cows stomping around and blocking access to my bedroom/ storage/ workshop/ stairways. Not too mention the up close animation for Brahmins is pretty shonky with lots of clipping which makes the whole experience worse.

A few thoughts:

  • Do I need to build a fenced enclosure around the trough?
  • Do Brahmins automatically appear once a settlement reaches a certain population?
  • Is there any way to make a settlement permanently Brahmin free?
  • Do Brahmins need shelter or are they attracted by certain items?
  • Am I losing my mind?

How do I stop Brahmins from coming into my structures in Fallout 4?

Question: Landlord coming to inspect with banker? For possible refinance.?

My landlord said that themselves and a banker would be in to have a banker inspect my apartment, specifically to refinance, they were supposed to come today but did not, now they’re coming tomorrow and Friday, the form says 8am to 5pm, kinda long but, anyways, I’m just more curious about the process because my closet is a mess and I don’t feel comfortable with them looking in there. What do they usually look at?

Winter is Coming

It’s my understanding that the phrase “Winter is Coming” is the motto of the Stark house, when the story first reaches the wall it’s implied that the winter is not a periodic season like it is in our world.

Does the winter refer to a particularly severe season or does a winter only occur every few years?

What is the meaning of “Winter is Coming”? [duplicate]

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  • Winter is Coming

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I have just started “Game of Thrones” from season 1.

Most of the characters in “Game of Thrones” are saying Winter is Coming, Winter is Coming.

But I don’t know the real meaning of that phrase.

Anyone can tell me about it?

Why is my inverted black layer coming out grey instead of white, when using CMYK colourspace?

I have an RGB vector file with lots of layers, one of which is a bitmap containing a mixture of pure black pixels and 100% transparent pixels. This layer has a live invert filter, which changes the black pixels to white.

When I convert the colourspace of the document to CMYK, the white pixels are grey.

Why is this and how do I make them white again?