Is it possible to call Augur functions from my own contract that I created?

For example, I’m trying to call the createYesNoMarket function from my own contract. I supply the universe address on deployment of my contract and I’ve followed the recommended contract call pattern. However, when I deploy and call the wrappedCreate function, I get a gas estimation error on Remix.

Can anyone help with this?

Gas estimation errored with the following message (see below). The
transaction execution will likely fail. Do you want to force sending?

contract Universe {
    function createYesNoMarket(uint256 _endTime, uint256 _feePerEthInWei, address _denominationToken, address _designatedReporterAddress, bytes32 _topic, string _description, string _extraInfo) public payable returns(address);

contract AugurWrapper {
    Universe universe;
    constructor(address _a) public{
        universe = Universe(_a);
    function wrappedCreate(uint256 _endTime, uint256 _feePerEthInWei, address _denominationToken, address _designatedReporterAddress, bytes32 _topic, string _description, string _extraInfo) public payable returns(address) {
        return universe.createYesNoMarket(_endTime,_feePerEthInWei,_denominationToken,_designatedReporterAddress,_topic,_description,_extraInfo);       

Golang binding – call contract method and get its return value or tuple?

Suppose i have contract like:

pragma solidity ^0.4.11;

contract MyToken {
  uint256 a;

  function SimpleGetter() returns(string) {
    return "something";

  function DoTheGreat(address _to) returns(uint256) payable {
       /// ...
       return /* <...> */;

I’ve followed article a bit outdated, but still very useful and have generated Go binding for my contract, then just end up with something like:

// Generate "CEO" keypair(wallet)
key, _ := crypto.GenerateKey()
CEOAuth := bind.NewKeyedTransactor(key)

// Create genesis
alloc := make(core.GenesisAlloc)
alloc[CEOAuth.From] = core.GenesisAccount{Balance: big.NewInt(20000000000000)}

sim := backends.NewSimulatedBackend(core.GenesisAccount{Address: auth.From, Balance: big.NewInt(10000000000)})

// Deploy a token contract on the simulated blockchain
_, _, token, err := DeployMyToken(CEOAuth, sim, ..)
if err != nil {
    log.Fatalf("Failed to deploy new token contract: %v", err)


val, _ := token.SimpleGetter(nil)
fmt.Println("Something from contrract:", val)

I actually using MyTokenSession:

 the Token contract instance into a session
session := &MyTokenSession{
    Contract: token,
    CallOpts: bind.CallOpts{
        Pending: true,
    TransactOpts: bind.TransactOpts{
        From:     CEOAuth.From,
        Signer:   CEOAuth.Signer,
        GasLimit: big.NewInt(3141592),

The problem is that we take a look at Go bidining from abigen for our function DoTheGreat(), it looks like:

func (_MyToken *MyTokenSession) DoTheGreat(_to common.Address) (*types.Transaction, error) {
    // ....

As you can see, it returns *types.Transaction and i don’t see a way to understand do i have to sign it, send it, and how to get the return values from my contract function.

The value for tx.Value() is *big.Int, but it is not related to data returned by contract, it is always zero. Could someone throw in some code for my case?

Are there UI-builders or automated UIs based on an ABI + contract address?

In order to demonstrate a contract, I want to use a generated UI, based on the ABI.

The contract runs on local network, or on one of the testnets.

Two options that I am aware of, and that work, but have downsides:

  • Remix can make a UI for the contract, in its right sidebar, and allows loading a contract from an address. It (appears to) build that UI from the ABI, extracted from the contract you have in your code-editor. It is an IDE, and so it is focused on development.
  • Mist can load a contract based on the ABI + contract address, but requires an application to be installed, configured and so forth.

Basically, I’m looking for something very alike the Mist-Contract feature, but then in a (simple) HTML/web3.js implementation; like Remix, but far simpler.

Requiring MetaMask is not a problem. And the UI should be workable, but does not need fancy UI designs or even customisation.

Being able to log the transactions and the emitted events is a pro.

Is there such a project, or site?

Production REP token contract migration process

What occurred during the production REP token contract migration scheduled to begin at 11AM PST on August 9th?

This is an automatic migration, meaning REP token holders do not need to do anything. While there is not an exact timeframe of how long migration will take, the estimation is 8 to 10 hours, assuming there are no hiccups and all goes well.

What happens during the estimated 8 to 10 hour migration period?

  • Is there migration code that handles the new REP token contract being minted 1:1 to all REP token holders or will this handle some degree of manual intervention (for exchanges or other parties)?
  • What method was used to validate the 1:1 minting based on all REP token balances at the time of the migration?

Is it possible to get a work permit in Germany without a degree but with solid contract and 7 years work…

I am working in a digital marketing agency in Turkey for almost 7 years and I got a job offer from an agency in Berlin, and I signed the contract.

On 2005 I started studying university and before finishing my university I started working at my present company on 2012. That’s why I am still 4th grade on my university, it means my status still seems to be a student.

So my question is; can I get a visa by showing an employment contract + 7 years of work experience + my CV and my transcript (I don’t have a degree but I have a transcript).

Client saying Another freelancer did the job while on contract

Recently, I got an offer to make a web page for a company on Upwork, The client and I agreed on 10 days to finish the job and I accepted the offer and started working on the application.

7 days after the contract started the client sent me a message telling me that another freelancer did the job and he/she no longer needs me.

Hello. One of the freelancers that wanted to do this job did the work at risk, and actually did the Dashboard for this Request as I require it
Effectively I no longer need this job done and wish to cancel the contract
My Apologies for this

I consider this to be so unprofessional. How do I respond to this?

Is this function transfering from contract address or from msg.sender?

The basic idea is to have list of say 10 pre-approved addresses that can call this, but I’m trying to figure out if the balance will be deducted from their balances or from the contract? 10x!

function transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) public onlyapprovedaddr returns (bool) 
    return super.transfer(_to, _value);