What alloys and metals can fantasy dwarves refine/create?

What metals are dwarves capable of refining and producing?

I’m working on a setting where the players have a lot of meta knowledge (Computers and nukes in a pre-industrial world anyone?¹) and need to know almost exactly what metals/alloys dwarves have access to normally in a medieval setting to avoid giving them too much/too little when the game starts.

This can assume a earthlike geography and metal concentrations, as I can adjust from there myself.

¹ For reference, they already turned the other continent into a nuclear wasteland. They’re starting over from scratch, as they successfully killed themselves in the process.

Create a PDF with specific page ranges of multiple PDF files?

I have found many related questions in this forum. But, none addresses my issue. Please double-check before marking it as duplicate.

Suppose I have two PDF files.

  1. first.pdf having 10 pages.

  2. second.pdf having 20 pages.

I want to create a new PDF file, where I need pages – 2,5,6,9 from first.pdf and pages 6,7,15,19 from second.pdf.

How to do it from command line?

How to create a Selenium IE Node that starts on boot?

I’ve been hitting my head against the wall with this one for a while now.

On Linux Chrome and Firefox selenium nodes are fairly easy to setup and start automatically at boot time using docker or even just a plain init.d service.

I’ve even gotten them to run on windows at boot using various methods. However, none of these methods work with IE. That is, the standalone-selenium-server.jar starts correctly but IE cannot execute tests even though Chrome and Firefox can.

This issue seems to be related to the IEDriver being unable to send events to the browser. Unlike Chrome and Firefox which use javascript to emulate clicks the IEDriver sends events to Windows to emulate the user. It appears that when the application is started automatically and no one is logged in Windows drops these events rather than passing them along.

Has anyone had any luck starting a Windows Selenium Node at boot that is capable of running IE tests without additional intervention?

Create a new membership rather than renew an existing one

Our members can join by credit card (paying manually each year, nothing clever) or by Direct Debit (set up as an auto-renew membership). We want to give credit card-payers the option to ‘renew’ to paying by Direct Debit. But this is complicated as the logic of payment dates/end dates is rather different between the two types.

I’d rather Civi just created a brand new Direct Debit membership in these circumstances, rather than trying to renew the old one. But the standard membership signup forms will always try to renew an existing one.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make Civi create a new membership in these circumstances? I can’t see any obvious hooks for membership renewals. Should I intercept the entire form in hook_civicrm_postProcess?

Create Layer Package fails to execute — error code 00045

I’m experiencing an error when I attempt to save a feature class as a Layer Package (.lpk) by right-clicking that feature class in my Table of Contents and selecting “Save As Layer File”.

The Layer Package form pops up. After entering the required bits (namely summary and tags) and clicking “Analyze”, I receive an error (code 00045) stating:

A layer description is required for packaging

First, this field is not shown as required within the Layer Package form. Second and more importantly, even after entering a description, the error continues and prevents me from creating a Layer Package.

No amount of fiddling with the description will allow the layer package to be created. I can find no way around it. Esri’s help page for code 00045 offers no assistance in remediating this particular problem, nor do I see that others are experiencing or have experienced it.

Can you suggest a remedy?

How to create a “smart” checklist in excel or google sheets?

We have a need to create a template checklist for our workflow and at a past job we had a template checklist that had various tabs for each process of the workshare that needed to be complete. For instance, that job was GIS related and each tab of the checklist contained what “theme” (ie, layer of the map) of the production mapping process needed to be complete before starting on the next theme. Each theme of the checklist was a tab that contained rows of things that needed to be complete for that theme and contributed to an overall percent complete that was tracked throughout each tab in the checklist. When a task was completed for that tab, we initialed a box, the percentage was updated, and we moved on to the next task. The first tab was always the same and would shape how the rest of the checklist was formatted based off of answers given to yes and no questions or from a series of dropdown menus.

What I’m really asking here is can all of this be completed through what is available in regular excel without needing to download other extensions? Can I make a look up table or a flow chart of some sort to model out the rest of the checklist? If so, where and how can this be completed within excel?