What to do about my 2-year-old crying and screaming at daycare?

My daughter is 2 years old and in daycare where I work. She started there when she was 13 months old. It took her about a week to adjust to that room which was to be expected. I have worked in daycare for 20 years so I know how that works.

At the end of August she moved up to the 2-year-old room. She screamed for the first week, then stopped for a couple of days and then started again worse than ever. She screams literally all day, I hear her through both closed doors.

We have tried ignoring, rewarding, time out, distracting, everything – nothing works. She screams so much she has no voice. I have completely run out of ideas. At first, I thought it was the room, but they even moved her to the other toddler room for a day to try and she cried there too. Please help.

Question: How to stop crying? Feeling suicidal..dad won’t let me see bf?

I’m 23 and I never had a boyfriend before but I recently met someone this summer and already we devolved a strong liking. Before I used to be very depressed and when through a lot but getting into church and meeting this guy and a few friends has helped. Everyday since the summer we both been hanging outside of my house.. the cops was called once but I didn’t think it was from anyone I knew.. until last night my dad screamed at my boyfriend threatened to call the cops again, called him a loser than my boyfriend told him to F-off so he ran off than my dad called the cops on him..my dad kept screaming at me and called me a slutt and told me I can’t see him anymore.. told me that if I do he’s gonna call the cops..he told me I wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend.. anyway I can’t stop crying and now my BF isn’t texting me back and I’m not allowed to leave home anymore.. please help?

Question: Puppy wont stop crying?

I have almost a 13 week old dachshund puppy. Who whines whenever someone is not around her. She’ll be laying on her bed and i’ll walk to the kitchen. Then all the sudden she starts barking and whining like crazy. Ive had her almost a month and everyone said it would stop after about a week or two. it hasnt. I am just trying to find a way to get her to stop. I have a german shephed aswell and they’ll be together and as soon as i am out of sight she starts whining. Anyways to get her to stop and teach her?