Can’t find a cutesy pop song from 2000 sung by a young woman

I’ve been looking for this song for more than 12 years already and asking others for help is my last resort.

The song was not a big hit, though you could often hear it on the radio or see the video on VIVA channel (the German version, I don’t think my native language one existed yet).

The song was very ‘sugary cute’ and sung by a girl, I think she could be white but I’m not sure. I remember the music video to feature her driving in a car in the summer. Pinkish warm colour scheme. I remember xylophone-ish elements when it comes to the melody.

When it comes to lyrics – I can’t help you much, I was around eight and knew maybe 20 words in English, so now I can only tell you that the chorus could contain words ‘everyone loves to travel’ and ‘near and far’ or ‘gather’ in a following line.

It could have aired anywhere between summer 1999 to winter 2001.

I’m sorry, this is as specific as I can manage.

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