Why is my Menu and dashboards not working on clean installation on WordPress?

I have installed Civicrm 5.4 on a new WordPress installation, I ran through the setup with one issue of a dashboard contact ID and have gone through the Configuration Checklist, but after that my Civicrm Menu never shows.

No Menu

I went through the fixes online and implemented everything from making sure the resource urls are correct everywhere, resetting the menu through another plugin, clearing the menu in the DB, changing settings in the civicrm.settings.php file but with no success.

I have manually added an entry in the dashboards table so I can atleast see the Resources on the front dashboard but I am unable to move it next to the News.

I am running wordpress 4.9.8 and php version 5.6.5 on a company server.

Please let me know if there is more information I can give and thank you in advance.

How to structure automated tests for feature with two dashboards?

I’m going to prepare e2e tests for chat app with two customer dashboards. First (written in Angular) is accessible from desktop browsers and second (Ionic) through mobile devices. When customer receives message from app user it should be visable in two dashboards etc.

The question is: what is the best way to structure automated tests for such feature?

Should I make some action in chat app, make assertion in first dashboard and after that do another assertion in second dashboard? It seems the best option because test cases will be almost the same for both.

SQL Dashboards to show value as On and Off

Good day we use SQL Dashboard and we want are values from are data base SQL Server 2012 to show as On and Off that is (1/0) and not to show as true and false if we us BIT it works as true and false how can we get it to work for us

I now how to get it to be displayed in SQL Server query but when we go back to SQL Dashboard it still show 1/0.

Any help will be appreciated.

Capturing table data from Tableau dashboards in Java

Is there a way to automatically capture and store data from a tableau dashboard without access to the server.

I’m trying to automate a lot of our weekly audits (i.e. look at dashboard, count the number of rows on a table, sum up the values in the last column, send out email to everyone in the same template every week). I need basic functionality such as counting the amount of rows and pulling values from certain cells.

I do not have access to tabcmd (corporate blah blah).

I’ve previously automated Salesforce stuff in Selenium however the tableau dashboard is a visualisation and not a web element.

I have investigated a few potential routes and was wondering if anyone else could chime in on the best way to approach this (or suggest another).

  1. Use a OCR package to try and recognise values
  2. I somehow automate the report downloading process so I can turn all the data into an excel/csv file which I can play with in Java
  3. Use a RPA tool such as UIPath (don’t have much experience with the functionality but it seems like it could do it?)

Adding goals to reports/dashboards?

i am setting up some reports for the creation of dashboard that show revenue etc vs. goals for different time periods. I am currently working on quarterly revenue vs. goal broken down by Account owner. I set up a matrix of opportunity owner vs. amount for closed won opportunities in current quarter. I have this displayed as a bar chart and want to be able to add a goal value for each of the 5 opportunity owners in the report and compare that to actual revenue. What is the easiest way to add these goal values?

User Permissions for Sharing Reports and Dashboards

I want to give specific profiles in my organization the ability to modify and use Dynamic Dashboards.

According to this Salesforce Help Page, I need to give the following permissions to the profiles.

  • Create and Customize Dashboards
  • Create Dashboard Folders
  • Edit My Dashboards
  • Manage Dashboards in Public Folders
  • View Dashboards in Public Folders

However, I do not see any of these options on profile permissions. What I see that seems relevant:

  • Manage Dashboards
  • Manage Dynamic Dashboards
  • Run Reports

How do I enable the 5 permissions I listed above for profiles?

here are some screenshots of what I see.
enter image description here
enter image description here