How to do the support after delivery?

Myself and customer agreed on a support period after delivery, for the application testing is done and for reports also is done, but this test performed with demo data not actual live data (Application is Time Attendance system which need to be configured as customer’s clients) so how to tell the customer nicely that any issue in UAT is within the report delivery and after fixing issues captured in UAT is support.

I’m asking this becasue I’ve a payment after deliver the reports itself, so how to declare the issues captured in UAT and issues captured after UAT.

Physical Delivery vs Assignment?

In options:

  • What is the difference between the two?


Physical Delivery:

  • Is there something called physical settlement apart from cash settlement? If so, what is it?

  • When do traders prefer settlement over assignment?

Royal Delivery Service

I am at loss. Of the memory!

I remember that I was running with an errand from the King, that I had to take a certain item from the treasury and deliver it to a certain person in the kingdom! Yet silly me – I bumped my head on the ground and forgot the details completely.

The only hint I have left is this weird parchment from inside my pocket:

the parchment

Please tell me – what could it mean? What was my mission here?

About the claim that adding more developers to a team does not make delivery faster

Over the years, I have heard many times that adding more developers to a team does not make things faster. My opinion is that it’s a question of management. If you can allocate one complex screen of a mobile app per developer, and you have 8 such screens, it might be beneficial to have 8 developers (e.g 4 permanents and 4 contractors) on it if a deadline looms.

What are your thoughts / experiences on that ?

Continuous delivery workflow: Build script for PHP Composer (Drupal) on Docker

I’d like to set up a continuous delivery workflow for our new Drupal site. When someone pushes to our Git repo (typically) master branch, a build job on our CI server is triggered. This job will check out the source code, import the database from production, and build the Drupal project running in a Docker container.

I’m now looking to create the actual script that the CI job will run. I come from a Jenkins background, and there one would create a Jenkinsfile for this. We’re probably not going to be using Jenkins for this project, so I’m looking for a tool that can be run regardless of the build server.

The most straight forward way would probably be to script this build using bash or python or something. I’m quite new to both Drupal and PHP, so I’m wondering if there are any tools out there similar to Jenkinsfile I can make use of, which I can run on Gitlab or whatever other CI server we go for?

WooCommerce – Next day delivery cut off time

I’m having trouble finding a plugin that will allow me to apply restrictions on the time of day 24 hr delivery can be applied at checkout.

The official WooCommerce “Conditional Shipping and Payments” plugin doesn’t appear to support this.

I found some plugin for $99 on a sketchy looking 3rd-party developer store that I’m not really comfortable paying for.

I found another plugin for $99 that looks much better, but it has a bunch of features that are superfluous to me.

Does anybody know of a good plugin that supports this?