What is the difference between “tail -f” and “tail -F”?

I never used tail -F command instead always used tail -f however someone told me that -F is better without much explanation.

I looked up man page for tail command.

-f output appended data as the file grows;

-F Same as --follow=name --retry

--retry Keep trying to open a file even when it is or becomes inaccessible

It is easy to understand what lower -f does but I do not follow what upper case -F is trying to do. I’d appreciate someone can explain to me the differences.

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Difference between “одежда” and “платье”

I’m wondering when to use one or the other, as at least based on their English translations, they are hardly distinguishable.

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Finite difference method giving error RecursionLimit::reclim2: [on hold]

I want to solve the heat equation using the finite difference method. Here is my code:

θ[j_, n_] := θ[j, n] = 
   2*θ[j, n - 1] - θ[j, n - 2] + (Δt)^2*
     Gz*(1 - (Subscript[x, j])^2)*((θ[j + 1, n - 1] - θ[
        j - 1, n - 1])/(
      2*Δx))*(1 + (
        3 γ^3 (λ^2 - (Subscript[x, 
            j])^2))/(-γ^3*(1 + (Subscript[x, j])^2)^3 + 
         3*γ*(1 + (Subscript[x, j])^2) - 
         3 Tanh[(1 + (Subscript[x, j])^2) γ])*1/
        2*(t^2 - 1) (1 + (Subscript[x, j])^2)^2 + 1/γ^2 - 
       Cosh[(1 + (Subscript[x, j])^2) t γ]/(γ^2*
        Cosh[(1 + (Subscript[x, 
             j])^2) γ])) - (Δt)^2*
     Br ((3 γ^3 (λ^2 - (Subscript[x, 
          j])^2))/(-γ^3*(1 + (Subscript[x, j])^2)^3 + 
       3*γ*(1 + (Subscript[x, j])^2) - 
       3 Tanh[(1 + (Subscript[x, 
             j])^2) γ]))^2*((t*(1 + (Subscript[x, j])^2)^2 - 
           Cosh[γ*(1 + (Subscript[x, j])^2)]) (1 + (Subscript[
             x, j])^2)^2*
          Sinh[γ*(1 + Subscript[x, j]^2)*t])^2 + (1 + 
          Subscript[x, j]^2)/γ^2*(1 - 
          Cosh[γ*(1 + Subscript[x, j]^2)*t]/
          Cosh[γ*(1 + Subscript[x, j]^2)])^2);
Br = 5;
Gz = 20;
γ = 6;
λ = 0.2923;
Subscript[x, j] = (j - 1) Δx;
θ[j_, 1] = θ1[t] /. t -> n*Δt;
θ[j_, -1] = θ2[t] /. t -> -n*Δt;
θ[-10, n_] = θ0[x] /. x -> j*Δx;
m = 10;
L = 1; Δt = 0.1;  Δx = 0.1;
θ0[x_] = 0;
θ1[t_] = 0;
θ2[t_] = 0;
  Table[{Δt*n, θ[j, n]}, {n, -m, m}], 
  Joined -> True, PlotRange -> {0, 0.03}, AxesLabel -> {"x", ""}, 
  PlotLabel -> 
   "θ[x,t], x=" <> ToString[Δx j]], {j, -6, 2, 

But I get the error:

RecursionLimit::reclim2: Recursion depth of 1024 exceeded during evaluation of 2 θ[-6, -1030 -1] – θ

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What’s the difference between both the sentences?

Why would I do that?

Why would I have done that?

What is the difference between both the sentences?

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What is the difference between ubuntu-18.04-server and ubuntu-18.04-live-server?

On the release page there is a download link for ubuntu-18.04-live-server-amd64.iso, and on the CD image page there is a download link for ubuntu-18.04-server-amd64.iso. Before 18.04, there is only a server version. What is the difference between these 2 images?

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Difference in logits to difference in probabilities

is there any way to prove that you cannot compute $p_1 – p_2$ if you know $logit(p_1) – logit(p_2)$ ? In general, can you convert distances in logodds space to distances in probabilities?

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Removing parts of raster layer with QGIS (equivalent of vector difference tool)?

I’m trying to get the difference between two raster layers the same way we can do it with the difference tool with vector layers. I’m using QGIS 2.14.

Anyone has already done that and can tell me how to proceed ?

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Difference between sshv1 and 1.5?

I’ve been searching for the answer to this but haven’t had much luck.

What is the difference between SSH version 1 and 1.5? Is 1.5 a release of 1? As in 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5?

Are there any additional security features added to 1.5?

TIA any help much appreciated

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Is there any difference between i- and i–?

I was solving an online mock test where I found this question. I figured out it is because of unsigned int n. Also I came across i-; statement. I always use i–; So I wanted to know does they both work same or are they different?
Also can anyone explain why unsigned int i is causing an infinite loop in this code?

int main()
    int n;
    scanf("%d", &n);
    unsigned int i = n;
    while(i >= 0)
        printf("%dn", i);
    return 0;

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The difference between ‘way’ and ‘manner’

I wrote a sentence

They live in a beneficial way through education.

An editor changed it to

They live in a beneficial manner through education.

What is the difference?

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