Question: Why doesn’t my boyfriend ever return the favor of buying dinner? Am I wasting my time?

We have been together nearly 6 months. We usually always went dutch although I shouting him dinner a few times. He has returned the favor of paying small fast food items, the same amount I have paid for his fast food. But, every time we have had a sit down meal together, he has expected me to pay for both our meals. On a number of occasions when going out to a pub event, he buys his own meal and eats in front of me and our friends. He never asks if I want anything. Every time I buy my food at the pub, i ask him if he’s having something and then he tells me to get his meal! The last time I paid I said to him I expect him to pay for my meal next time. But now when we go anywhere he says he’s not getting anything. I brought it up again saying in a joking way that the doctor told me I couldn’t have sex until my boyfriend buys me dinner. Still he hasn’t done anything about it. The one time he asked me out was to a sporting event I had to cox him into asking me to, and the next time we had a date, it was a spontaneous mutual decision. He’s never asked me out anywhere besides to the pub with friends. Am I wasting my time? I don’t think I can be with someone who is so stingy they can’t ask me out or treat me to dinner. He is a nice guy, he treats me well otherwise but this imbalance is a real turn off for me.