How to Disable Driver Verifier on Windows 10?

I am trying to disable the Windows 10 driver signature verifier.

This is causing constant BSOD errors – all showing “Driver Verifier IOManger Violation”

I am trying to install an old video driver. I would like to completely disable the verifier program, but so far I can’t.

I have spent the last few days researching and trying every variation of the following strategies

I rebooted into advanced setup options

in cmd.exe

shutdown.exe /r /o

I then hit F7 to disable driver signature verification

I opened gpedit.msc

Enabled the option for code signed drivers

Enabled Test Mode

I tried to disable any video drivers in use under device manager, but there are no video drivers installed at all.

In cmd.exe I ran “verifier” to open the driver verifier manager

I choose “Display existing settings”

All options read as “no”

I set compatibility mode on my driver install package and am running as administrator

After every install attempt the BSOD screen appears with the driver verifier error message.


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How do I disable spell checking in Thunderbird?

In Thunderbird, when I compose a new message, I can go into Options and unselect “Spell Check As You Type”. I have to do this every time I send a message. How can I disable it permanently?

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How to disable autocomplete for inputs in contact form 7?

I have below code for contact form 7. Usually I use autocomplete="off" for html input field. However not able to figure out how to do the same for contact form 7

[text* FirstName placeholder "First Name"]
[text* LastName placeholder "Last Name"]
[email* EmailAddress placeholder "Email Address"]
[text* desc placeholder "Tell us a bit about yourself..."]
[submit "Submit"]

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How to disable pop-out option in pdf viewer with google drive embeded iframe

I’ve embed pdf in my website using iframe google drive pdf viewer, below is my codes i’ve used

Its work fine, but I want to remove the pop-out button appear on the top right corner in my website so that, viewers can’t view outside my page![enter image description here]1
Help plz

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V-sync won’t disable in android build

As the title suggests I am having issues with v-sync on android. I’ve set the v sync Count to Don't sync in the qualitySettings panel for the used quality level. However when i run my application on the samsung galaxy S6 its having a constant fps of ~15 due to waiting on vsync to happen (where it is ~60 fps with some spikes to 30 without v-sync).

profiler with v-sync tracked: enter image description here
profiler without v-sync tracked: enter image description here

As you can see it is crealy caused by v-sync happening. What i find strangest about this is that this only started happening a couple of days ago, and was working fine before. Even going back to a commit that 100% worked before v-sync starts messing it up.

I’m using Unity 2017.2.1f1. And have not done any updates to my android version.

Could this be caused by my phone forcing v-sync in some way? and if it is can i turn that off somehwere?

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Disable sharing of files through Public link

In winter 19 release, salesforce came up with sharing files to anyone(those who has view access) using “Public Link” option. However, I don’t want this option to be visible/enabled for my users.

Can you please let me know how can I achieve this?

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Disable remote access to router

I’m using Dlink DIR-615 router to connect to the internet. The problem is, I want to disable remote access to my router admin page. So for example, if my ip address is, if I typed in my browser address bar, it would take me to my router admin page. How can I disable this to give access only for user in the internal network.

Thanks in advance.

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Disable Windows+Tab Visual Effect [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Windows 10 disable Win + Tab Task View shortcut

    2 answers

I really like ⊞ Windows+Tab ↹ except the only real use I have for it is to effectively move through my windows like I do with Ctrl+Tab in Chrome.

Is there any way to disable the visual effect and just have my windows flash like tabs on my computer? I already have all visual effects disabled.

If this question is chosen to reopened great but I did eventually find a solution to this issue. Create a D_Word value

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAltTab. In that key, create the following DWORD value: LivePreview_ms with a value of 1.

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Disable ‘View Feature Details’ panel on geocortex

Does anyone know if its possible to disable the ability to drill down from the initial results panel to the additional feature details panel? My feature description has all the feature attributes I’d like to display so wish to disable the next step. I have made the attributes invisible so the Additional Feature Details are blank. . enter image description here

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Disable Button on Activity, after user interacts with Buttons

Im having trouble disabling the Buttons for a particular question in my mQuestionsBank array. I created a mQuestionsAnswered boolean array with the size of the mQuestionsBank array to keep track of the questions that have been answered. Now, when the user interacts with either the “True” or “False” button, mQuestionsAnswered[mCurrentIndex] gets set to true, therefore disabling both of the buttons whether if they are right or wrong. Heres my code

Method to Enable Buttons
enter image description here

Method to Check Answer
enter image description here

True and False Button onClickListeners
enter image description here

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