What happened to Zathras when Babylon-4 disappeared back in time?

This is similar to one of my other questions, but instead of asking about the station, I am asking about a character who was on the station.

When Babylon-4 was nearing the final stages of construction, an unknown creature appeared on it. The station became unstuck in time and disappeared along with the creature.

enter image description here

We later discovered that the creature was Zathras, one of the caretakers of the Great Machine.

enter image description here

What happened to him after the station took him back in time by a thousand years?

I know what happened to his co-traveler, but not to him.

I will accept answers from novelizations, TV episode scripts, movie scripts, writings by the producers, and interviews with scriptwriters.

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elementary OS Icons Disappeared

cunning folks.

I think this occured after doing an ‘apt-get update’ and then ‘apt-get upgrade’ which I thought would keep elementary OS among other applications, up to date.
After a restart, I was presented with fugly Ubuntu icons and generic application icons. Any idea whatsoever how I can revert back to elementary OS’ icons? I’m sure they’re available, I just don’t get why the Ubuntu theme replaced these icons. Did the ‘apt-get upgrade’ somehow think that I wanted the latest of the Ubuntu environment?
Both the Wing panel, Dock among icons for Photos, Calendar, Mail and so on were affected.

Note that no other applications were installed through the upgrade, only the useless change of theme.

Screenshot showing disappeared elementary OS icons

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“add email” button disappeared from Outlook

My “add email” button disappeared from my Outlook. It was there before I sent an email and then it disappeared.

I’ve tried these suggested issues but the “add email” button did not appear.

  1. Make sure Email to Salesforce is enabled: click Your Name | Setup | Administration setup | Email Administration | Email to Salesforce and make sure the Active box is checked. If it is not please enable it. For more information please see Enabling Email to Salesforce.

  2. Confirm that Add Email is enable for your Outlook Configurations (Salesforce Group Edition has it enabled by default): click Your Name | Setup | Desktop Integration | Salesforce for Outlook, click on View my configuration, and verify that the Add Email option is checked, if not a System Administrator needs to enable it for your Outlook Configuration. For more information please see Enabling Email Options for Salesforce for Outlook.

  3. Check if Salesforce for Outlook is running in System Tray. The Add Email button will never display if Salesforce for Outlook is not running in system Tray.

  4. Once you have checked all settings above, consider that it is possible that either the addin was disabled by Outlook or the installation failed due to security software or the user who installed the application did not have local administrator permission on the computer. Verify if the addin appears as a disabled items, look for Salesforce for Outlook Add to Salesforce Toolbar and/or Salesforce for Outlook Side Panel.

Outlook 2007: Help | Disabled Items…
Outlook 2007: Tools | Trust Center | Add-ins | Manage – COM Add-ins | Enable Salesforce for Outlook
Outlook 2010: File | Options | Add-ins

Under Manage drop down select Disabled Items and click on the Go… button

If Salesforce for Outlook addins are in the disabled item list, select then and click on Enable and Close.
You need to restart Outlook and Salesforce for Outlook.

Please advise how to resolve this and make the “add email” button to appear again im my Otlook.

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Cell Broadcast Function Disappeared on Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 5.1

Cell Broadcast messages function which is usually here : messages -> setting -> cb messages seems to have disappeared on new Samsung phones.

I have Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 5.1.

Maybe this function is hidden in some other place?

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Folders disappeared from iCloud Drive following path name change

So that GNU Make could access my iCloud Drive folder, I removed the space in ‘Mobile Documents’.

So I changed my iCloud Drive path from:

~/Library/Mobile Documents/



As far as I can tell, my Mac has automatically re-created ~/Library/Mobile Documents/ (ie, it has re-created my iCloud Drive folder).

On my Mac, the only folders that are now showing in ~/Library/Mobile Documents/ are Preview, Numbers and Pages (ie osx and iOS apps).

On my iPhone, I can access my iCloud Drive folder in all apps, but the only apps in which files are syncing via iCloud are Preview, Numbers and Pages. In apps such as Textastic, which I only have installed on my iPhone, the files are no longer syncing via iCloud.

All my apps and their files that were previously in ~/Library/Mobile Documents/ are present in ~/Library/MobileDocuments/. Therefore, I tried transfering apps and their files present in ~/Library/MobileDocuments/ to ~/Library/Mobile Documents/, but my Mac said the files are all present in ~/Library/Mobile Documents/, even though they are not showing.

Can anyone tell how I can revert my changes? Therefore, how can I have all apps and their files returned to iCloud Drive and syncing using iCloud?

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Body field data disappeared

EDIT: Looks like I accidentally changed number of values for this field to 1 – it should be Unlimited. It’s working now, thanks everyone.

I don’t know what I did but I noticed that all (except the first one) body field data in all the nodes disappeared – they’re not even available in editor.

All the data is still in DB (in field_data_body table) but it’s not showing on website.

I have no idea how to fix this, has anyone had the same problem?

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Wing panel and dock disappeared elementary os Loki

Both the wing panel and the dock have disappeared…. for some reason non of the keyboard commands work please help me I’m new to Linux

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Botanicula- Sun Element Disc disappeared/did not register

I found the room and acquired the sun disc, my last of the star, rain, sun and plant discs you need to talk to the pacman guy. I walked through the rope room and grabbed it, but now it’s not showing in my inventory and I can’t move on. Did this happen to anyone else? Game developers aware? I literally can’t play anymore.

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The desktop folder disappeared, “visible” desktop shows $HOME items

On KDE Plasma 5.14b, my desktop folder went missing, but I have a lot of stuff showing up on my viewable desktop. However, they are the same items that are in my $HOME directory. If I create a folder in $HOME it pops up on my desktop.

This is openSUSE Tumbleweed Krypton, everything git-current.

I should be able to restore from backup, but…

Anyone know what’s going on here? It’s like symlinks gone crazy or something.

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“Desktop” folder disappeared, “visible” desktop shows $HOME items

Something somewhere has gone horribly haywire.

In KDE Plasma 5.14b, my “Desktop” folder went missing, but I’ve got a ton of stuff showing up on my viewable desktop. However, it’s the same items that are in my $HOME directory. If I create a folder in $HOME,it pops up on my desktop.

This is openSUSE Tumbleweed Krypton, everything git-current.

I should be able to restore from backup, but… [excuses]

Anyone know what’s going on here? It’s like symlinks gone crazy or something.

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