Question: 3 year relationship is going down the drain to a video game. I’m being irrational I think. Please…

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years. He has always played video games, but in the last year or so I feel that I’ve become controlling – to the point where it’s driving me insane. We see each other every single day, spending a good amount of time together on those days. He pretty much gives me every ounce of his free time – as I do for him as well. He games at night, all night long pretty much. I have an issue with it. I can’t feel important as long as the PS4 is still around. He does literally all he can to make me feel important, but the games just still always feel that they take priority (I know I’m being irrational in this sense). I seriously need help. I don’t want to leave him, he is the love of my life… but I’m going insane for no reason. Please help me with things to try & be more open to, opinions, anything. TIA

Is is okay to run 4″ PVC drain pipe on the outside of a house?

I have to run 4″ drain pipe for the washer that is on the second floor, but, the building being old and all, I wouldn’t want to rip the floors, instead, I was thinking of running the drain on the outside of the house and then go back in at the basement level. It would be preferable as the pipe would be hidden with other exterior pipes and would not look ugly or out of place. This is for state of CT, so to prevent winter freezing, I was told to go with 4″ PVC instead of the 3″ recommended by washer manual. Any suggestions? Drilling through the floor to run the pipe on the inside is not possible, so, what options do I have?


How to retrieve item from storm drain?

Today I lost my keys in a storm drain [insert embarrassment emoji here]. This is not directly in the street but attached to a building.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to open the drain either from above or to get to it from the basement of the building. Fortunately, the drain does not really drain very much, so its bottom is of cement and I can perfectly see down through it. I can see my keys! They are two meters down below, mixed with rubbish.

The drain is just like any other, e.g.:

enter image description here

The space between bars is around 1.5 to 2 cm.

How can I recover them? Any clever idea? I got some but I would like to know what people come up to.

Question: Does keeping your head lights on Auto drain the battery once the car is off?

my supervisor at work on his 2017 GMC Sierra Denali keeps his headlights on auto when he leaves his car from the parking lot and he does it every morning

I always wondered if it will drain your battery. I want to do it on my Civic because it looks cool and it is halogen lights he has LED

Question: How tight should tighten an oil drain plug after draining oil? should it be very tight or just…

and I have not been using any o ring or washer in past 6 years and it is just a flanged bolt that keeps the oil from coming back out, but have not had any issues with oil leaking out of drain plug until recently, why maybe?

Question: If draining the oil out of Sump to replace the drain plug, how clean should the pan be that drain…

I have a simple plastic 5 quart oil pan or not sure what it is called, and has a little spout on side to I guess pour the oil back into the engine through a funnel, The oil is fresh (just replaced the oil last week) and noticed after that my oil drain plug is leaking. so I bought a new oil drain plug with an rubber gasket included and plan to drain the oil out and then pour it back in. I wiped the oil pan very good with a cloth, but what if there is just a little bit of things like “lint” or maybe some small particles of dirt or whatever that gets poured back in? (again I wiped it down really good with a rag several times) *** Btw, is it maybe better to just pour completely fresh oil in? I have some more oil in containers unopened. but just thought that is a waste of $ 20 to just throw the oil out that is in there. is that what you would do or recommend? why?

Basement floor drain back up, 1/2″ snake failed, what next?

The basement floor drain is having backup after the wash cycle from the washer, it doesn’t backup from other water usage.

I had a plumber came in to power snake with 1/2″ tip (and few other tips) into the floor drain for an hour without success. He suggested the only solution is to break the concrete of the floor and replace the blocked piping.

Is there any less aggressive or cheaper solution I should try first? Someone also suggested me to hire other plumber who has optical device to look at the blockage in the floor drain pipe (for a full diagnostic), do you think it’s useful?

installing a french drain around a basement wall

I’m in the process of building a new house with basement. The deep end and approximately 3/4 around of the basement wall is approximately 8 ft. deep. do I need a French drain this deep basically at the footer. I have waterproofed the block wall with Damtite water proofing. Looking for other suggestions to help prevent problems years later.

Stubborn clogged sink drain

I’ve been struggling for a few days trying to unclog a bathroom sink that is extremely slow to drain. I tried the following:

  • Removed and cleaned P trap
  • Snake: Cheapo ($30) 25ft 1/4″ drum auger with drill attachment. I hit resistance at varying points along the way which I broke through with a few trials until I had the entire snake fed through. I did it a few more times because I still felt areas of resistance, but eventually the snake became kinked and it became useless.
  • Baking soda/vinegar
  • Plunging: This brought up a lot of nasty black biofilm, but since using the shop vac I don’t get much of this anymore.
  • 6 HP shop vac in both directions (suck and blow). When in blow mode, it pushes the water through just fine, but when I turn the water back on the clog remains. It does take about 20 seconds of running water until it backs up into the sink, so that tells me the clog is probably far down.

I’m not sure what else I can do other than call a plumber. I’d rather not use harsh chemicals. Any ideas?

Question: What is probably the reason that oil has suddenly started leaking from my oil drain plug after I…

It is just a bolt , no washer or o ring before it, and has been that way for years and never had an issue until suddenly I noticed about a 3 x 2 inch stain on the driveway in several spots where I had parked and just does it mainly after I have driven and then parked (I guess due to the oil being hot and thinner then?) and I don’t think it is loose. I tried to tighten it with my fingers and it didn’t seem loose. What might be reason and how important to get a washer or o ring ?