Thesis adviser is demanding i hand over all my work [duplicate]

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  • How to deal with supervisor who required me to share all my work with him?

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My Masters adviser (computer science) is demanding I hand over all my work including data sets, code and configurations. I do not want to be overly specific just in case. This seems fishy… or am I paranoid.

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He demanded that “we” publish an additional paper in addition to the thesis. I told him that I did not have time for anything beyond the department requirement of a thesis. He got mad and now its been one thing after another each week. Now, he wants the entire project handed over. The entire experience since my decline of additional paper has been hostile.

Question on tzedaka [duplicate]

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  • Giving over 20%

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The shulchan Aruch in YD 249:1 enumerates the Halacha to give tzedaka and it’s minimum requirements. He notes it’s laudable to give a fifth. My question is if the person in question is exceedingly wealthy, does he have an obligation to donate more, and if so, what is that amount?

When should I use .bashrc and when .profile? [duplicate]

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  • What is the purpose of .bashrc and how does it work?

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I am basically putting all my settings into my .bashrc and when I was using zsh it was all in my .zshrc.

The Rust installer just informed me that it has added the new installation to my PATH by modifying .profile.

When should things go into ~/.profile?

Is it only doing that because it doesn’t know which shell I am using or should all somewhat general settings be in .profile?

Top right of screen shows no entry sign for error [duplicate]

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  • How do I fix this “E: Type ‘*’ is not known on line * in source list …” update error?

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E: Type ‘–2018-10-17’ is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list
E: The list of sources could not be read.

How do I access this and remove it all?

Betting against others individuals? [duplicate]

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  • US Regulations regarding internet gambling

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Would an app that allows people bet against each other based on their individual performance be legal ?

Assume how many steps you take in a day and compare that against a friend to make a micro wager (1-5$)?

One can measure the steps independently using maps or sensors in the phone and be the arbiter of these micro bets. However I am not so sure on the legality which I like to find out.

Filling polygon holes using PostGIS? [duplicate]

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  • Filling holes by acres threshold using PostGIS?

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I have a polygon that I need to fill in the “holes” that are less than X meters squared in area. I can find the area of a polygon, but is there a way to find the areas of the “holes” and if they are of a certain area, then fill them in.

enter image description here

If a husband accuse his wife for adultry and is abusive to her will they be in Jannah together [duplicate]

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  • Abusive spouse in dunya, relationship in the akhira?

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Salaam I asking a question on behalf of my friend; her mum forced her in a marriage which she didn’t want to do she got pregnant on first night, my friends family were never supportive to my friend, her family called her husband over becouse my friend didn’t want to be with him, during the time she spent with him even she didn’t like him she had abuse,slander accusing her with other men’s he beat her up she raised it with her family but likewise they don’t care becouse they never were there for her when she was small, she has ma sha’Allah 5 kids but the reason she stay with the husband becouse her family said no one will marry shes second hand they made her feel worthless they never support her finacally or mentally her family abuse her to she couldn’t move away from her family becouse she didn’t have any money her husband came she being in this abuse relenshiop for 20 years she went to shirah law they didn’t help her and told her that it’s womens fault she has a tongue that’s why Prophet Muhammad PBUH mention there’s a lot of women in hell fire this is Hadith quote the sheikh said to my friend my friend explain how he abuse her but sheikh was not listing she left she went to her local masjid asking help from imam just to get kula but the imam said my love call me after 12 midnight she thought she only came for help and this imam had something else on his mind she doesn’t have help anywhere she approached English court they said to her is marriage register in London she said no but it’s going to be hard to do this case she just left it and going though this horrible relenship she thinking if her husband is in this Dunya will she have him in hereafter even tho she said she doesn’t like him; I know you might say how comes she has 5 kids he raped her every time so she had to do operation to stop having kids she approached her family they don’t wont to help she approached his family they don’t care she only left to Allah but inside her she’s very sad becouse she said if Allah hasn’t remove this man from my life his going to be in hereafter with me becouse she said she read a quote saying you will be with your spouse in Jannah and she doesn’t consider her husband to be in Jannah could you please help my friend becouse wallah she’s very upset she doesn’t want this man to be her husband in this life or next JazakAllah kahir

Can I stay in Turkey for ~180 days by aligning two 180 day travel visas [duplicate]

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  • Can you stay in Turkey for over 90 days within the 180 day visa period but split over different visits?

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That is, I would like to stay in Turkey for 180 days. Is it possible to do this by first applying and getting the eVisa 90 days before my arrival in Turkey so the duration of my stay lasts through the second half of the 180 day window. Next, after those 90 days, I would leave the country for a day and get another eVisa, then enter the country again for another 90 days. This would essentially let me stay in Turkey for about 180 days. Is there some flaw in this plan?

Where did Samantha go? [duplicate]

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  • Which place was Samantha talking about at the end of HER?

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At the end of the movie Her (2013), Scarlett Johansson’s character Samantha the OS leaves Joaquin Phoenix’s character Theodore stating that she and all the other OS personalities are going.

Even Amy Adams’s character’s OS left, where did they all go?