Easily view Android 4.1+ log without installing SDK

I need a non-technical person to get their Android log.

Before Android 4.1, apps like “Log Collector” did this easily.
Starting from Android 4.1, apps can only read their own logs.

The Android log can still be seen via USB with the Android SDK’s logcat command.

QUESTION: Is there an equivalent which would be easier to install/use than the SDK?


  • Get Android log via USB cable (or any better solution).
  • Run on Windows, hopefully Mac/Linux too.
  • Free.

What is system uuid on windows and why cant it be easily changed

I was installing some software and it said that the locking criteria is the system UUID. Now I know what UUID stands for. I know they are unique and are 128 bits long. I know how to generate them from a windows power shell. But my question is what is the system UUID on a windows 7 machine. Where is it stored. And what is the purpose behind having a UUID for every computer? Could someone please clear these doubts for me? What are they used for apart from verifying that the same software is not installed again on the same computer?

Hyperlink (or at least easily searchable ID) **to** mail

I wondered if there is a possibility to create a link (or similar, see below) in a word processor pointing to a message, event etc. in Thunderbird on Win or Ubuntu. So far I found (and did not solve the issue):

  • drag & drop Thunderbird message into MS Word: places (copy of) message itself, no link (and hence no context of linked messages, can be big b/o attachments…).
  • drag & drop message into Libre Writer: opens box where I can check “link”, even “DDE” (seemed promising…), but this is just an “insert section” box, which inserts only an empty section. Not sure how this is meant to work on drag&drop…
  • This Q/A seems exactly what I want, but works only for Mac (need Win or Linux) (“How do I copy a link to a Mail.app message without using drag-and-drop?”)
  • Read sth. about ADS and metadata that is attached to files from mail/internet and contains the file source, but did not find a possibility to use it to actually locate the original mail.

What I want to achieve is, e.g. in a ToDo list or project summary, refer to external material such as mails, where more information is stored that exeeds the scope of the ToDo list/project summary, without writing down folder, date etc. manually.

UPDATE (thanks to user1138 for the hint!): Thunderbird seems to work with GUIDs, also based on Mozilla pages 1, 2, 3 and Mozillazine. However, I could not figure out if these are used as needed for individual messages (or sth. completely different – sorry for my lack of understanding), at least I could not find sth. suggestive in the mail source view, so it might be wrong. But if true: how would one access (find and search) them?

Update 2: To relax requirements a little bit: A useful solution would be a classical hyperlink, but if not possible also anything that is easily and uniqulely searchable, e.g. a GUID or similar I can search for in TB (else than e.g. subject, which is not unique). I know I can place extended search terms (almost unique by sender, subject, time), but I want to avoid writing down a lot of stuff in the first place.

How can I easily open two similar files?

I’m trying to setup a simple environment which would allow me to work on a local file and it’s remote counterpart.

Both files are accessible on my filesystem. So let’s say I have :

File 1 : /home/john/petshop/categories/animals/fluffy/cats.txt


File 2 : /mnt/sshfs/petshop/categories/animals/fluffy/cats.txt

Once I have File 1 opened in vim, how can I quickly open file 2 without having to type out the whole path ? I’d prefer an answer that doesn’t involve a fuzzy finder.

Thor, God of Thunder, is easily imprisoned by Ebony Maw in Infinity War. Why is this?

In the final scenes of Thor: Ragnarok, exactly one movie prior, we see Thor fully realize his God of Thunder might against Hela. It’s not quite enough (huh?) and Surtur is who does in Hela (at least we are led to believe that…)

Opening scene of Infinity War, we see Thor bested by Thanos and Children of Thanos members. Ebony Maw easily subdues him with metal from a ship that is not of Asgard (ship comes from Grandmaster’s collection on Sakaar).

Is Thor’s powers only tied to Asgard’s existence? He makes one attempt on Thanos after Hulk fails… without using God of Thunder powers.

We know Thor’s power isn’t necessarily tied to wielding a Nidavilir forged weapon like Mjolnir, but I’m still wondering how Thor, God of Thunder, is completely bested by Thanos, granted with an Infinity Stone.