Average time between birth and baptism in the Church of England?

Because it is relatively uncommon to find sources of birth dates before the start of civil registration in England in 1837, it is a widespread (and I think not unreasonable) convention for genealogists to assume that the year of birth is the same as the year of baptism. There are many reasons why this assumption may fail, but that is beyond the scope of this question.

Have there been any studies looking at the average time between birth and Anglican baptism in England in the early nineteenth century?

Y-DNA haplogroup R1a1ab2 Z93 Z94 in England?

I have just had my DNA results returned and my Y-DNA has come back as this. enter image description here

I am from East Anglia and my family has been documented in this region for the last thousand years, I am rather confused as to how I have got this result. Are there many others in England with this? Is it possible to have been carried here with the Vikings when East Anglia was under Danelaw? Are there any pockets of this within Scandinavia?

Update: Thank you for your reply sadly I have only just seen it. the only information I have is this chart as you say it does seem rather bizarre

enter image description here