Oracle Restoring Database on Existing Database or rename database

I want to change my DB name in Oracle. I am using this command:


After that I am getting an error:

ID-00111: Oracle error reported from target database while executing
   begin       dbms_backup_restore.nidprocessdf(:fno, :istemp, :skipped, :idchg
d,                                        :nmchged);    end;
dbname, remove or restore the offending file.
RA-06512: at "SYS.X$DBMS_BACKUP_RESTORE", line 6848
RA-06512: at line 1
hange of database name failed.
ust finish change or REVERT changes before attempting any database operation.
BNEWID - Completed with errors.

What are the legal concern if our story turns out to a duplicate of an existing copyrighted story?

I am a part semi-professional writer. I usually write articles/column for newspapers, stories for magazines and blog posts on websites. I have also written and published a fictional novel that I started years back as a teenager (didn’t do to well in the market though).

I recently started a young adult novel with a plot that I derived from some real life incidences. However, as I neared my conclusion, I realized that a novel with an almost similar story and plotting already exist in the market. Surprisingly the stories are so identical!

Now, I am very much concern about it. I mean I have invested so much of my time in achieving 40k words and scrapping it away doesn’t make sense. Neither can I ignore the fact that its publication won’t benefit me much monetarily and more than that, I am not sure of its legal implications.

Am I at a deadlock?

Junction box above ceiling to add second sub panel from existing sub panel feed

I’m posting this question to determine if there is a safe manner to do this that meets code and isn’t a redneck solution.

The sub panel in my garage is run off a 50 amp breaker that is in my service box/panel outside. The wire appears to be 4 awg (possibly 3, but at least 4) aluminum wire. I couldn’t seem to find any labeling on the wire or sheathing, so that has been annoying. It seems I could maybe upgrade this to at least 55A if it is 4 awg aluminum, but that’s another question. The sub panel wire runs through roof just above the ceiling.

I need to add a 50A/240V circuit on the other side of the garage from the sub panel. One option is to run it from the existing sub panel, and I can do that but something to note is that the sub panel wire runs directly above where I need to put this 50A outlet.

So, I’m wondering if there is an approved way to splice the sub panel wire in a junction box above the ceiling, and then I’d only have to buy wire to go directly down the wall from there (or in conduit, if need be). This would save me all kinds of snaking and about 25ft of 6awg copper.

If the answer is yes, do I have to run it to a sub panel first, or can I run it directly to something like this:

I guess that kind of negates the cost savings on wire, but it might be easier still.

As I write this I feel like I’m maybe asking how to cobble something, and I’d really rather not cobble electrical work :).

How to create a puzzle from a pre-existing, fixed data source?

Examples of what I mean:

Instructions lead puzzlers to a library where the names of donors are inscribed on bricks out front. Along with some piece of information that is given to them on a piece of paper, they are able to find a phrase which is the solution to the puzzle

Puzzlers go to a certain wall where ceramic tiles of different colors are irregularly laid out. Along with information that they have brought with them on their phone, they are able to find a one-word solution to the puzzle

Do you have any tips for these sorts of puzzles? Methods for finding patterns? Pitfalls not to fall into?


Can i change existing SharePoint sql connection from hostname to fqdn?

We are currently using sql server hostname and instance name for connecting the SharePoint farm to SQL database instance.
e.g: sqlserver1instance1

Now we are required to use the sql fqdn name instead of host name like sqlserver.domain.cominstance1.

How can we achieve this?

How can we reset or clear sitecore existing rendering parameter value using code?

How can we reset or clear sitecore existing rendering parameter value using code?


var parametersFields = webutil.ParseUrlParameters(rendering.parameters)

foreach (key in parametersFields)
//if check
//set parameter value here


TextPad Command Line Argument: Open in Existing TextPad Instance

What are the command line arguments you can use for TextPad? I’ve searched for this but TextPad doesn’t document this.

We have an external application; when the user clicks a button our application will open a document in TextPad using command line arguments.

I wish to use command line arguments to make TextPad open a document in an existing instance of TextPad rather than a new instance. I’m aware that the user can set this setting in TextPad’s settings (turn off multiple instances) but I wish to save the user having to do this step and automatically show the document in an existing instance of TextPad.

“Br” part existing in many languages [on hold]

Could you recommend some articles or books available on the Internet about the “(-)b(-)r-” part of a word that means “to wander”, “to go”, “to move”? It exists in many languages and has similar meaning (literally of metaphorically), for example: Hebrew, Arabic, English, Polish and many other. Does it come originally from Hebrew?