Question: Does she still have feelings for me even though she says she doesn’t and tells me to leave her…

She keeps calling me to tell me what do I want and then I tell her to be with her and then she says leave her alone. She says she will block me but never has for a couple days now. Maybe a little longer. I know there’s signs that she really doesn’t like me and that I’m a creeper but if she really wanted to block me and not talk to me she would. She has picked up her phone probably more than before now that I started over texting her. I feel like she’s playing hard to get. We’ve been warring with each other for a long time. She pepper sprayed me for calling her a *****. I called her a ***** because she wouldn’t stop talking to other guys but steady wanted to **** me. And now it’s this back and forth game of me saying I love her and her saying she doesn’t love me and to leave her alone and that she hates me and wants me to die… I want to believe the good times we had were real but the way she’s acting is making me feel she’s sofar gone. I feel like a girl who doesn’t want to talk to a guy wouldn’t keep texting him to leave her alone and adding other little comments and picking up the phone asking me what do I want? I don’t think a girl who really doesn’t like a guy is gonna keep saying asking me what do I want everytime I contact her. She also said one time that a guy will try to say anything to get in bed with a girl, and that she shouldn’t have had sex with that guy when she really wanted the one she loves in the first place. But I peep words so she didn’t outright say it.

Question: How do i stop my feelings for my best friends dad?

First things first, i have daddy issues and am attracted to older guys. Her parents don’t love each other anymore and i’m 17.

I’ve known my best friend for only 2 years but I’ve never had a friendship like this before and let’s say that we respect each other deeply. I’ve known her parents since the beginning of our friendship but i never thought of her dad as someone hot. Her parents were always nice to me, especially her dad. He is super caring and protective over me and we tend to hug each other a lot. My best friend even told me that he told her that he sees me as his own daughter and stuff what gave me the feelings.

Now that i have these feelings for him, i caught myself flirting with him multiple times and trying to seduce him in an ‘innocent’ way. I tell him he lost weight (he isn’t even obese but he’s insecure for some reason) or tease him by poking in his stomach. I remember when i had a sleepover at my friend her house, i came into the kitchen and as he was dressed for work, i slapped his butt and said “morning handsome” and he just said “morning” back kissed my cheek and went to work.

I feel really comfortable around him and also imagine having sex with him but don’t want a relationship. I know it’s wrong so how can i stop having these feelings for him? I don’t want to ruin the friendship with my best friend because of lust. Also, she doesn’t sees anything wrong with the way i act around him since she acts the same way. I feel horrible for crushing on him

Question: What is wrong with this girl? Does she have feelings for me low-key?

She says theres nothing I can do to make her be with me or talk to me. She said pretend like she doesn’t exist and leave her alone. I keep texting pretty much begging her not to leave and she said there’s something wrong with me lol ******* god. She says why do I always think she’s having sex and that’s why she doesn’t want to be with me.. but this girl always on a dating site consistently and when I was sick with the flu she ****** two or more dudes in a week’s time. I literally lost my voice and couldn’t talk to her and she goes and ***** more guys after that. But then I don’t know if she’s lying about saying I don’t satisfy her but that’s probably what it is. First day I met her she started crying on me and I was telling her it was ok so it’s not like I’m out here obsessing for no reason and we had sex plenty of times. What’s wrong with this girl? I keep telling her that I’m sorry for all the bad things I said and she’ll say that if I loved her i wouldn’t have said those things when she knows every person in the world has limits. And she kept talking to other dudes and I got mad at her and that’s when she started with the leave her alone thing and now it’s going on a month no contact from her.. is it over? She says Everytime I contact her it pushes her further and further away. Is that a sign for hope?

Question: How to stop feelings for my friends brother?

Okay so I’m really good friends with this girl I work with and go to college with. She’s absolutely amazing.
I respect her so much…

There’s this guy we also work with that she refers to as her brother. They’re not related but they behave like brothers and sisters.
Now the moment I met this guy(William) it was kinda like this immediate attraction. Which is new to me.. I love his personality and the way he looks.
He’s very charming so lots of girls like him.
He always said he found me attractive and he wants to “wife” me just 3 days of knowing me.
We ended up having this party and him and I hooked up with this girl at a party. (Threesome) although it was a threeesome. it was literally him paying more attention to only me.

Anyway I’ve always been honest that I’m in an open relationship with this older guy who came to pick me up from work. When William saw him he stopped looking at me in the eye. He even ignored my request for a beer (he was the bartender that day)

I think I may have caught feelings for him even before the threesome but because we work together and he’s my really good friends “brother” I think I should stop it before it gets worse.
I just want ideas on how to go about hinting him and I should just remain friends and ignore the feelings we have for each other.

Will a dog develop similar feelings with a robot as like human?

I think we are connected to the world by Biochemistry first and then physical and verbal interactions. If a robot feeds a dog regularly, pampers it and cuddles it regularly, would it develop the same feeling to the dog as it would have developed with a human?
A sci-fi robot like Ultron from Avenger movie.

Question: I m considering withdrawing from this friendship out of fear of returning feelings, is this the…

I had a brief FWB thing with a female friend, which ended because I wasn t ready to move forward due to anxiety-inducing confusion—I didn t communicate this until too late and she felt led on. We somehow got past it though and we re friends now again. But I realized that my head is messing with me and saying maybe I m still attracted to her and its confusing. It wasn t a big problem before but she told me the other night she still likes me, and now I m afraid that I ll make a mistake and try to get back with her and mess with her feelings even more. I ve made that mistake with someone in the past and I never ever want to do that again.

So now I think I m going to withdraw from the friendship for a bit.

Do plants experience the following feelings

I am not a student of biology,in other words I have not read biology much.

But I read that plants have life and so my question is the following:

Suppose I take two saplings of two different varieties of hibiscus(or any other tree variant) and I put them in the same pot and allow them to grow up.
Suppose they grow up and become well grown plants after say 4-5 months.
My question is:

Will the two saplings experience any feelings for each other,in other words will they become friends or share any relation with each other.
Suppose one of them is attacked by insects and its growth gets shunted,will the other plant also experience some feeling for it.

If I uproot one plant will the other one feel lonely or any other kind of feeling as if its counterpart is missing.

If someone cares to answer the above questions,I would be very grateful.
Thank You