Question: Why do feminists and blue pilled chads always assume that if a man is a misogynist, it means he…

It seems to me that everyone on the internet confuses MGTOWs with incels. Incels are virgins and losers who are usually too physically undesireable to obtain women, therefore that breeds some bizzare hatred of women due to rejection.

However, there is an entire group of men who can get women, but choose not to, after ample experience with women. There are only so many times you can date a women before you realize there is no such thing as a NAWALT. Literally the only reason a woman would EVER want to be with a man is to rape him of his resources, and then to ruin him through divorce (if he is lucky) or jail time (usually the case) Typically when i ask a question like this i get two responses from you jackasses:
1) you must be a loser who cant get laid
2) you must be gay

Since i covered both those bases in the way i phrased the question, no troll can answer with those typical BS answers, and therefore no one has answered this question yet. Yahoo.******* MGTOW is run by divorced men, not closet homosexuals. there is definitely a rape culture in america. But its women raping men of their masculinity, dignity and resources.