Question: Hello.This is my first year of uni. I’m studying Mass communication. I need help for one of my…

1. Vintage ads that are terribly patriarchal and sexist. Do you think things have changed today?

2. Gone too far??? What is the borderline between freedom of expression & porn? How far should advertising standards and ethics go?

I’ll have to write these into a short essay. So I’m just getting more opinions. So just tell me what you think! 🙂

When was the term “Einstein–Rosen bridge” first used in a Sci-Fi work?

While we see wormholes in fiction all the time, they aren’t always addressed as Einstein–Rosen bridge. At this time, there are two examples in my mind which used exact term Einstein–Rosen bridge:

  • In Thor: Ragnarok (2017) movie, Banner addressed Devil’s Anus as Einstein–Rosen bridge.

  • In an episode of Justice League (2001) or Justice League Unlimited (2004) TV series, Flash ran at lightspeed on Green Lantern’s track to create a wormhole near Sun to suck something out of Sun. Here, Batman or someone in Justice League used the term Einstein–Rosen bridge.

When was the term Einstein–Rosen bridge first used in Science Fiction?

What causes ripples on part of first layer?

I’m having issues with ripples on the first layer of big flat prints. The initial corner of a big flat print is fine, but then ripples begin to form as shown in the screenshot.

I’m just a newbie, so I was thinking they might have something to do with heat or contraction or something. Normally, I use the default and print with no turbofan on the first layer. When I tried adding fan 20% or 50%, nothing much changed (slight differences in the ripple pattern and area, but that pattern varies anyway).

I also wonder if one strip gets bent, then maybe the rest just follow the bends. As far as I know, my heating plate is working fine, has no serious hot spots, and I’m using a high-quality PLA+ filament. I also tried adjusting the print temperature from 205-220 (the range on the box is 205-230). Nothing seemed to help. I am running a default first layer thickness of 0.3 mm because that is supposed to help adhesion (and adhesion is fine).

The ripples look worse than they feel. They feel fairly flat, only slightly rippled, even though they look terrible! (And I don’t know what that weird row with blobs is in the top left of the picture. That only happened once; almost like junk was in the nozzle or the feed gears slipped or something).

I’m running a Qidi Xpro machine, Sunlu PLA+ (wonderful) filaments, bed 50 C, print temp 205-215, print speed 30-40 mm/s on the first layer, and first layer thickness 0.3 mm (normal layer thickness is 0.2 mm). This machine has a direct drive with gears immediately above the nozzle.

Does anyone know why this rippling effect occurs, and what I might to do to correct it? Thanks

UPDATE: I’m adding this info here to respond to several comments concerning bed leveling, etc. (Thank you to those who made comments!)

1) I’m sure that the bed is as level as I can make it because I always go through the cycle twice).

2) Regarding clearance, if anything I worry that my clearance is too small since there is a fair amount of drag on my leveling card under the nozzle. So, there is definitely drag on all three level points, about midrange between the lightest drag and the heaviest drag that makes me think I’m filing off part of the nozzle.

3) I do have two nozzles, so I suppose the problem could show up on one but not the other if the nozzles were screwed into the block to give different heights. But the ripple shows up on both nozzles, always in the middle of the build plate, always in the middle of a big flat print. Corners don’t usually show ripple effects. I don’t want to believe that my build plate dips in the middle on my new machine, either … 🙂 Adhesion is fine on small prints in the middle of the plate.

Ripples on the top side towards the middle of the plate

Here is a picture of the bottom of the piece. A careful examination shows an oscillation in the squished filament segments on a filament thread. Almost like the extruder was oscillating vertically in the z-axis at that frequency, or perhaps the filament squishyness was oscillating at that frequency. Looks almost like a weave pattern, since the squished parts alternate position on alternating lines.

It’s worth saying again that the piece feels pretty smooth on both the top and bottom sides, even though it looks awful. I don’t know what to make of that.
enter image description here

AutoCompleteTextView modify for auto selected first search text with out click [migrated]

    public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        super.onCreate( savedInstanceState );
        setContentView( R.layout.activity_main );

        List list = new ArrayList<>();

        list.add( "1-Colombo" );
        list.add( "2-MALIGAWATTA" );
        list.add( "3-KELANITHISSA" );
        list.add( "4-4-KANUWA" );
        list.add( "5-THORANA-HANDIYA" );
        list.add( "6-KELANIYA-UNI" );
        list.add( "7-KIRIBATHGODA" );
        list.add( "8-MAHARA-HANDIYA" );
        list.add( "9-KADAWATHA" );
        list.add( "10-GONAHENA-HANDIYA" );

        AutoCompleteTextView searchAutoComplete = (AutoCompleteTextView) findViewById( );
        ArrayAdapter newsAdapter = new ArrayAdapter( this, android.R.layout.simple_dropdown_item_1line, list );
        searchAutoComplete.setAdapter( newsAdapter );
        searchAutoComplete.setThreshold( 1 );

        searchAutoComplete.setOnItemClickListener( new AdapterView.OnItemClickListener() {
            public void onItemClick(AdapterView parent, View view, int position, long id) {

                Toast.makeText( MainActivity.this, "Hi" + position, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT ).show();
        } );

How can we modify this AutoCompleteTextView for automatically select first search value without click it.??

Any Idea

Clear (agreed) overdraft or start emergency fund first?

From what I have read, the general consensus is that it is best to set up an emergency fund first and foremost before beginning the process of clearing debt, regardless of how illogical that approach might seem at first glance.

It is often highlighted that setting up an emergency fund should take precedence above all else.

However, my question is this: what if you are in your agreed overdraft (negative balance, but within the agreed limit) before you begin starting said emergency fund?

Does that count as a debt? If so, should it be pushed to the back of your mind until the emergency fund is in place and then be addressed afterwards, or should it be cleared before starting to build an emergency fund?

Why do we need the first “as” in comparative structures like “The apple is *as* big as a watermelon.”

Why do we need the first “as” in the sentence “The apple is -as- big as a watermelon.”?

What’s wrong in saying “The apple is big as a watermelon” in the same meaning of “The apple is as big as watermelon?

Is there an explanation for this structure of comparative sentences?