How do I force the netrender to render everything on GPU?

I have a server with an Nvidia GPU card and I want to render my images using Cycles on it. I set up Master and Slave instances on the server and a Client instance on my laptop.

The rendering works, but the server renders the net tasks on CPU, instead of GPU.

If I just run Cycles render locally on the server – GPU works.
If I run a client on the server itself and before switching to the netrender choose “GPU Compute” in the render properties – GPU works.

But I cannot select “GPU Compute” on my laptop, because there is no Nvidia GPU card on it.

How do I force the netrender to use GPU instead? Also, is it possible to use different tile sizes for the local render and the netrender, as switching them from preview to final render is too tedious every time.

When did the Avengers have their first confrontation with the Phoenix Force?

I have been a long-time reader of the Avengers and cannot actually remember the first time the Avengers had a direct confrontation with the Phoenix Force.

  • Have the Avengers ever directly confronted the Phoenix Force in combat?
  • What was the outcome and what Avengers were involved?
  • Is their reaction to the supposed return of the Phoenix based on the information they may have gathered from second hand sources?

The only Avengers I know that might have had direct experience with Phoenix or the Phoenix Force are the Beast and Wolverine (from their time as X-men).

How to assign force field to particle system

I have a particle system using a dupli group as the particles and the volume of a UV sphere as the emitter. I would like to place an object in the center of the emitter and make it look as if the particles “explode” from this object. This means that the concentration of particles should be much higher in the middle of the emitter than around the perimeter. Using the volume of the UV sphere as an emitter already has a bit of this effect, but not extreme enough. I am modeling a static scene, no animation intended.

force field does not influence particle system

I tried using a force field but this does not seem to do anything, even when cranking up the strength (as in Blender 2.78a force field not affecting particles). Or is this only for animated scenes? How do I achieve the desired effect? I feel it must be quite simple but I just can’t find an answer anywhere.

(I am very new to particle systems and force fields. I could not find any helpful tutorials, if you know of any, please point me to them.)
Here’s the .blend file:

What additional powers does the Phoenix Force grant the “Phoenix Five”?

When the Phoenix Force comes back to Earth it is split into pieces by Tony Stark’s machine. Five mutants are embued with the Phoenix Force:

During rounds 6 & 7 we see them use a few extra powers, but really they seem to be using their ordinary powers primary.

What additional powers have they been granted?

Has Morrison’s interpretation of the Phoenix Force been referenced?

I recently reread the ending of Morrison’s run on New X-Men, the arc “Here Comes Tomorrow” , issues 151-154. I hadn’t quite understood the breadth of Morrison’s reinterpretation of the Phoenix Force until this reading, and it seems like none of the subsequent writers have referenced any of these elements.

In light of the Phoenix’s presence in Avengers vs X-men, this seems particularly important. If Morrison’s version of the Phoenix is canon, the Avengers are probably dramatically overreacting.

Have other writers referenced the New X-Men interpretation of the Phoenix Force? Has it been explicitly retconned, or just swept under the rug, or is it still canon?

Bonus points if you can point me to places where Morrison’s version of the Phoenix Force may have originated. I know he loves his callbacks.

In which comic did the Phoenix Force destroyed a planet protected by Herald of Galactus?

I once read a comic in which ruler of the planet was warned about the Phoenix Force. But, he told that he was a Herald of Galactus and he wasn’t scared of anyone. He looked like Thanos, but with a big hammer in hand.

In the same comic, the Phoenix Force destroyed his planet.

Conservation of energy in case of a body in motion under non-conservative force

A body is moving with a constant velocity on a frictionless floor along $+x$ axis. A constant force is being applied along $-x$ axis .The applied force(an example of non conservative force) does negative work on the body and thus decreasing kinetic energy of the body.
Into what form of energy could the lost kinetic energy be getting converted into?

How do I force WordPress to cache 404 pages? [on hold]

Using Newrelic I’ve found out that 65% of load on my web server was created from the 404 rendering of static resources.

enter image description here

That happens because the “nice” 404 page was rendered also for the static resources (jpg, png, css, js).

And because 404 error pages are not cached (I’m trying with Breeze caching plugin).

enter image description here

Now I’ve added some lines to the .htaccess to solve the problem for the static resources but I would also like to cache the 404 page.

enter image description here