How does the cost of designer board games compare to other forms of entertainment? [closed]

Some people complain about the cost of designer board games. With most board games near the $50 mark, and some approaching $100, they might look at the price of a movie ticket, DVD, or video game and think that this is an expensive hobby.

What do you think is the approximate cost of playing board games per hour of enjoyment when compared to other forms of entertainment?

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Can several games start at the same time in one tournament?

In professional tournaments/championships and across sports, can different games be started at the same time?

When or why would the organisers do that?

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What is the optimal way to store retro computing paraphernalia (games, consoles, accessories, books) on…

When collecting retro computing related items you’ll undoubtedly end up with a variety of different items, made from different materials and in a range of conditions.

Here is a recent snap of my collection which is made up mostly of games and consoles from the 16 bit era onwards (sorry, humble brag!).

Retro Computing Collection

A single Megadrive game consists of fairly typical retro game packaging:

  • The plastic case and film cover
  • The paper box art that sits outside the case but inside the cover
  • The paper manual, contained inside the box
  • The game cartridge which is a plastic case round an integrated circuit board with the metal pins exposed

Then we have the boxes for the consoles which are usually:

  • Cardboard for the actual box
  • Polystyrene for the internal packaging

And of course we have other medium as well:

  • Tapes for some of the older games
  • CDs for some of the newer games
  • Wires for the controllers

What is the optimal way a typical home user (*1) can store all these items, on display (*2) , to preserve them in their current state for future generations?

*1 – By typical home user I mean within a reasonable budget and reasonable practicality. If cryogenic freezing in a pool the size of a football pitch is the absolute best way then please feel free to mention it but please offer it alongside some more feasible advice as well.

*2 – Note I’m primarily interested in answers that have them on display and useable, however if it makes significant difference, answers around sealing in air tight boxes and hiding at the back of the attic are welcome too.

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Why was Wrestling scheduled to be removed from the Summer Olympic Games?

I recently noticed that Wrestling was scheduled to be removed from the 2020 Summer Olympics. In the meantime, the International Olympic Committee has reversed this decision; the 125th IOC Session reinstated the sport, and so it will be part of the program for the 2020 Games in Tokyo.

Wrestling is widely practiced, was part of the Ancient Olympic Games, and was played in most Modern Olympics.

Why was it decided to remove Wrestling?

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Games to learn Chinese with?

I’ve been looking online for the bigger part of a day in search of roleplaying games in Chinese for helping me learn it more efficiently.

I also asked my girlfriend (Chinese) to help me find a game like that, but the only game we found was only available on iOS on the Chinese App Store.

Do you guys know of any rpg’s that I can get in Chinese?

Edit: I’m a (total) beginner at Chinese. I also only have apple products and a ps4.

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What are the names of these poker games

My family and I play a poker and some of the games we play can’t seem to found on the internet, there was no internet around when my dad learnt these because it was the 70’s and in Ireland. The first one we play is ‘four in the river’ it’s like Texas hold’em but with 4 cards dealt to each person instead of 2, 4 cards on the table instead of 5 and all turned one at a time.

The next one is called ‘spade in the hole’ everyone is dealt 5 cards 1 card at a time and one must be faced down at all time. You choose faced up or faced down for your next card. The pot is split between the person with the highest spade faced down and the best hand with all five cards (e.g. If you are dealt the ace of spades faced down and you keep it down then you know you’ll win half.)

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Students frequently distracted by peers and games

I have a class which is in a computer lab (each student has a computer). These are standard Windows computers. The computer lab is organized into rows, with students on either side of a row facing each other. I stand at the front of the classroom with a smart board.

I also take pains to ensure that students enjoy the class, seeing that the goal of the class is to encourage students who may not otherwise have encountered computer science to pursue it.

These two factors come together to create two problems: Students tend to talk to their neighbors, which I believe is because the rows separate them from me, so when I’m not near, there’s no reason not to talk. I also permit talking, because the students are encouraged to work on problems together. In addition, because there are computers in front of them which have access to the internet, and they’re not entering the class excited about computer science, they will use the computers for games.

How can I make the classroom environment more focused on computer science, without making it any less enjoyable for newcomers to CS?

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Can you copy ps4 games onto another ps4 without the first one having issues?

My brother has the new spider-man game,(digital download) and I wanna know if there is a way to copy it onto my ps4. I read that you have to set his account as the primary on mine but will that make it so that he can’t play it? or can we both play it? also, will I have to play on his account or can I use mine? also by doing this will it make games that i buy not licenced by me?

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What networking tools do video games use to get real-time communication?

I’m interested in understanding the networking technology behind video games — specifically I’m interested in large multiplayer games and how companies are able to simulate real-time connection in these games.

What technology is generally used? Is it just WebSockets or is it something more sophisticated?

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Hunger Games

Hunger Games

Hunger Games

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