Disable new gestures in Windows 10

This is not a setting I seam to be able to find. The gestures are wrong. I want windows to stop interpreting them, and defer them back to my driver.

How do I get sane gesture setting in windows (ie None) without reverting back to windows 7?

I am using a Dell laptop, with a Synaptic touchpad. The Synaptic software has been re-badged ‘Dell Pointer Settings’.

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Touchpad Gestures in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Out of the box, I get gestures for scrolling and right clicking. I’m very interested in three finger gestures (like slide three fingers up to see all open windows), but it seems there is no way to get those working.

I have tried with the Extended Gestures GNOME-shell extension and touchegg, neither of which are working.

Any ideas on how to get these?

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How to disable Synaptics touchpad accidental gestures?

I have a Synaptics touchpad on a PCSpecialist laptop. It is not compatible with Windows Precision Driver.

When I do very small light flicks with one finger in any direction, the cursor registers and move visually but then it ‘resets’ and move back to its original starting position.

This is very annoying since I like to to little fine movements that I previously could with the MacBook touchpad.

Does anyone know how to disable this feature?

PalmCheck is all the way to ‘Minimum’;
Touch Sensitivity is at ‘Light Touch’;
and every other options under ‘Pointing’ is disabled.

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Dell Vostro touchpad gestures not working on Windows 10 — but do work on any Linux distro

This has been bothering me more than I’d like to admit.

I have a Dell Vostro 3460 (exactly this one to be more specific) running Windows 10 Professional 64-bits, with the latest updates and proper drivers and software installed as far as I am aware of (but probably something is missing since I have this problem).

None of the touchpad gestures listed on the official Microsoft page are working, in fact, I can’t even find the options they refer to in my settings page (besides the one to select an item which is the simplest one of all).

The gesture I wish to work is the simple scroll gesture with two fingers. This gesture, in particular, works fine on any Linux distro I have ever installed on this laptop, but Windows 10 doesn’t recognize it. Having this gesture enabled would make my life overall 0.0017% easier.

Am I missing something here? Maybe I should be using another touchpad software/driver? Help would be appreciated.

enter image description here

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Map Synaptics Touchpad Gestures to Keyboard

Is there any way to map the Synaptics gestures to specific keyboard shortcuts? In particular, I’m trying to map Dexpot’s forward/backward between desktops to touchpad gestures.

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I don’t have a touchscreen. How can I do gestures on my Windows 8 laptop’s touchpad?

I just got a new Windows 8 laptop, but it doesn’t have a touchscreen, and it seems like a lot of the gestures are designed for touchscreens, and not current mice & touchpads. Is there a way to use the new gestures on my laptop’s touchpad?

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Windows 10 3 finger touchpad swipe gestures don’t work after wakeup

After upgrading to Windows 10, after waking the computer from sleep, 3 finger swipe gestures (to minimize all windows or to go to task view), stop working. 3 finger click still brings up Cortana. I’m on a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro using the Windows 10 touchpad drivers. Any help is appreciated!

Edit: This isn’t a duplicate of the question linked by Ramhound. That question concerns a touchpad being completely disabled after sleep. In this case, only three finger swipe up doesn’t work; everything else is totally fine. The solution is to restart “synaptics touch pad 64 bit enhancements”. I don’t have access to the laptop in question at the moment, but a simple “taskkill /IM SynTPEnh.exe” will end the process. The process will automatically restart. You might want to put this command in a batch script and schedule it to run on wake up, though I haven’t been able to successfully use the Windows event system to do this, and just manually run the script on wake up.

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Enabling edge pull touchpad gestures in Windows 10

I searched the Internet thoroughly but I could not find an answer.

My touchpad is Synaptics, computer is HP Envy k000st.

Despite many people, I loved the edge-swipe (edge pull) touchpad gestures that Windows 8 supported. Now I’m running a Windows 10 PC and I really want those gestures back.

I would like to obtain Cortana from left pull and Action Centre from right pull. Also closing the current window by sliding from top above to bottom below on the touchpad as if in Windows 8.

I have no programming knowledge. I would love it if someone could help me how I can manage these by editing registry or any other method.

Thank you very much!

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Turning off Synaptics 3 finger gestures on Dell laptop

I’m running the following configuration:

Dell Studio 1557 Laptop
Windows 7 Professional x64
Synaptics Touchpad Software
Dell Touchpad "driver"

While the Synaptics folder is there and appears to be what is actually driving the touchpad, the Synaptics GUI tool has been replaced with the Dell tool (DellTpad.exe). The Dell tool has basic configuration including gestures like pinch-zoom, but it is missing an entry for the 3 finger click gesture (open notepad), which is turned on by default.

I have big clumsy fingers so I already have the 1 touch click turned off (only the hardware buttons click), but I am constantly opening notepad over my work because of the 3 finger gesture.

Is there any way to disable this gesture without the Synaptics GUI? I have looked in the registry and see keys like “3FingerTapAction”, but changing this to 0 didn’t seem to have any effect.

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What are the touchpad requirements to enable at the swipe the switch apps gestures on windows 8

Is there a specific make, driver, or version of touchpad that’s necessary? I have a 2 year old hp dm3 with a 2 finger multitouch alps touchpad and app switching by swiping from left to right does not work in the latest windows 8 release preview. Yet, MS has enabled this feature in the release preview and gestures like semantic zoom do work. Any idea?

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