Getting hyperlink URL and description in custom XSLT with Content Query Web part

I’m having trouble getting the URL and description to show as separate items in SharePoint 2013.

I’m trying to display the description as the text of the Link and the URL as the HREF value in the a tag below.

My hyperlink column Name is “Read_x0020_More_x0020_Link”

This doesn’t return anything

Here is my Full XSLT:


Getting an error when I submit InfoPath form

I’ve been attempting to update an InfoPath form on a Document Library. The form works by having custom submit rules and data connections that allow the form to be submitted in specific folders. During the update I’ve added some more folder and setup their submit rules and data connections. Whenever I try to submit a form on one of the new folder I get this error.

An error occurred while using the form. For more information, contact the site administrator.

An entry has been added to the Windows event log of the server. 

Log ID:5567

It also has a correllation ID included and when I look up that In the logs I see this.

06/24/2015 08:55:47.30  w3wp.exe (0x777C)                           0x5C6C  SharePoint Foundation           Monitoring                      nasq    Medium      Entering monitored scope (Request (POST:http://servername/_layouts/15/Postback.FormServer.aspx)). Parent No  
06/24/2015 08:55:47.30  w3wp.exe (0x777C)                           0x5C6C  SharePoint Foundation           Logging Correlation Data        xmnv    Medium      Name=Request (POST:http://servername/_layouts/15/Postback.FormServer.aspx)  
06/24/2015 08:55:47.31  w3wp.exe (0x777C)                           0x5C6C  SharePoint Foundation           Authentication Authorization    agb9s   Medium      Non-OAuth request. IsAuthenticated=True, UserIdentityName=0#.w|domainsptest, ClaimsCount=28    
06/24/2015 08:55:47.32  w3wp.exe (0x777C)                           0x5C6C  SharePoint Foundation           Logging Correlation Data        xmnv    Medium      Site=/  
06/24/2015 08:55:47.33  w3wp.exe (0x777C)                           0x5C6C  SharePoint Foundation           Web Controls                    cm8z    Medium      Failed to get SPGroupName from GroupID. Error Message: Group cannot be found.  Callstack:    at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.PeopleEditor.set_SharePointGroupID(Int32 value).   
06/24/2015 08:55:47.38  w3wp.exe (0x777C)                           0x5C6C  SharePoint Server               State Service                   8kfs    Medium      The StateManager is disposing and calling ReleaseLockedStates() (Count=0)   
06/24/2015 08:55:47.38  w3wp.exe (0x777C)                           0x5C6C  SharePoint Foundation           Micro Trace                     uls4    Medium      Micro Trace Tags: 0 nasq,3 agb9s,27 cm8z,48 8kfs    
06/24/2015 08:55:47.38  w3wp.exe (0x777C)                           0x5C6C  SharePoint Foundation           Monitoring                      b4ly    Medium      Leaving Monitored Scope (Request (POST:http://servername/_layouts/15/Postback.FormServer.aspx)). Execution Time=80.4445816437564    

I only get the error when I try to submit on a new folder. When I submit on an existing folder everything submits normally.

Does anyone know how to resolve this error?

Getting URL value from menu item by ID

I want to display a link on the Frontend, but the URL value changes over time.
It’d be very easy for me to just change it manually in the WordPress menu once (it’s also displaying there), and then automatically replace the URL value in the template file link.

But, is there any way to query and echo the URL of a specific Menu Item by ID?

I can’t seem to find anything in the direction…

Getting features from given geometry in map using ArcObjects with C#?

I am trying to get features from a given geometry (getting only layers ). This is not selection. The validate part I will be doing using configuration. But I am not able to get the features from the geometry.Even I thought to open an attribute table and check how many rows are there and if I can find the values for each row. But no luck Here is what I did#

IFeatureClass pFeatureClass= null;
while ((pThisLayer = pEnumLayer.Next()) != null)
 pThisFeatLayer = pThisLayer as IFeatureLayer;

 IFeatureCursor pFtCur = pThisFeatLayer.Search(spatialFilter, false);
 pTable = (ITable)pThisFeatLayer;
 pFeatureClass = pThisFeatLayer.FeatureClass;

 //pFields = (IFields)pFeatureClass;
  pFt = pFtCur.NextFeature();
  if (pThisFeatLayer.FeatureClass.ShapeType == esriGeometryType.esriGeometryPolygon)
  if (pFt != null)

      pCursor = pTable.Search(spatialFilter, false);
      pRow = pCursor.NextRow();
      while (pRow != null)

        //output += pRow.get_Value(count).ToString() + "n";
        MessageBox.Show(pFt.Class.AliasName.ToString()+ "  " +count.ToString());
        pRow = pCursor.NextRow();




pFt = pFtCur.NextFeature(); statement instead of returning the next feature it returns the next layer. I also tried to get help from ESRI sites but those are down for maintenance.

Why am I getting a 301 on a existing post?

This is bizarre…

I have two posts that when I try to view them, they get a 301 and proceed to redirect to the next post in line. These posts are published. I don’t have any plugins messing with redirections. I have tried disabling other plugins that could cause this issue. I have also checked the guid in the database and it’s correct. The htaccess has the basic wp pretty permalink structure. For some reasons this 2 links have been marked as 301, and I can’t see where this was done.

Any ideas?


This is getting really weird…

So trying to troubleshoot I did the following:

1. Download the site to local dev.
I thought if the problem is the whole link, then if I change it to a dev link, the problem will no longer exist. And that would rule out domain level 301 redirect.

Turns out that the problem still exisits under a different domain name.

2. Disabled all plugins
I disabled all plugins. The problem persisted. Just in case, I deleted all plugins. No luck.

3. Search for hard coded links
I searched for hard coded links in the whole theme. I also searched for any php redirects or js redirects. Nothing.

4. So I resintalled the WP core
I wanted to make sure that had nothing to do with it. Nothing.

5. I deleted all revisions

6. Disabled ACF custom fields plugin
I thought that maybe the redirect is hidden in some custom field. So disabled the plugin that displays them. The theme barely display correctly but the page redirects anyway.

I cannot switch themes, because the whole logic of displaying this page is done in the theme, and uses a lot of custom post types and fields.

So the next option, was to delete the page that the redirect was pointing to. So I for example I have Post 1 redirecting to Post 2. I deleted Post 2 (trashed it). The redirect still took me to the Post 2 page, but of course that now I got a 404 instead. Since Post 2 is in the trash.

So I decided to delete Post 2 from the trash, so that it would no longer be in the database. Once I deleted Post 2… tada! Post 1 was no longer redirecting. That solves the issues, but clearly I cannot delete Post 2 on the live site…

I am still clueless as to what’s going on…


So I wanted to be 100% sure that the problem is not in the files but in the database. So I deleted pretty much everything, and only left what’s need to make the pages in questions load without errors. That means that I deleted everything from functions.php, deleted all templates but the ones affected, delete styles, images… everything. Deleted almost everything from header.php.. leaving only the doctype and style inclusion (that’s where the theme name is). And the redirect still happens. I even removed wp_head, and no luck. So now I know that the problem is in the database.

How to stop ax getting stuck in log when splitting wood?

As a noob wood cutter I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos, but the thing I never see is the person getting their ax stuck in the log.

I know you can turn the log upside down to free the ax but why am I having this issue (very often) and how can I avoid it?

I wondered, could my ax be too sharp so it sinks in too deep? I don’t mind lots of hits needed to split the log, but having to keep freeing it is a real pain.

Question: Problem getting video in Filmora to play?

I m pretty inexperienced when it comes to video editing, but I have used Movie Maker to do some basic editing. I recently downloaded a trial version of Filmora to edit some videos of this yard game I ve been playing.

All I need to do is trim the video in some places, which I was having no trouble doing until I went away from my CPU for about an hour, came back, and then couldn t get my video to play.

Basically what is happening is I press spacebar to play the video, but instead of playing, it goes frame by frame. Spacebar, one frame; spacebar again, another frame. Have I accidentally turned on a frame by frame editing option I don t want?

Any help is appreciated!

Getting the best fitted mudguards for a standard road bike

I’m quite new to cycling and soon I’ll experience my first winter cycling, thakfully I live in quite a dry country so we don’t have a lot of rain.

I’ve read all about the clearence issues of regular full mudguards with most road bikes but I’m still quite confused about what I should order.

I’ve found these two:


I have a Ridley Fenix Classic and it should have the regular tire clearance that most road bikes have (I have a 23mm tires).
I know the general guidelines but would like to get help about what mudguards will surely fit my bike.

*Or maybe it’s very hard to guess what mudguards will fit by ordering online and will be better to just find a big store that will sell those (probably’ll be a bit more expensive)?