My girlfriend is 9 month pregnant, I only have a 1-month visa. How can I extend my Chinese visa?

I am Indian, my girlfriend is Chinese and she is pregnant. Delivery due is in 1 month. I will go to China, however I got only a 1-month visa.

Is there any way I can extend to 6 months or more? I know that it is very difficult for me to apply and get a Chinese visa every month.

Question: Should I ask my girlfriend to start swinging?

I want to see my girlfriend in more sexual ways and I dont mind her being with other men or women. I think it would expand our relationship and make us closer. Im not sure how to make the conversation come up though and how would I find other couples looking for the same thing? BTW we are both 22 year old and have been dating for 3 years.

Question: My girlfriend is excessively anxious and worried about me it’s suffocating me. Why is she like…

Today she cried because she saw me on the rooftop in my hometown while working (a thing I do every single day, but today she saw it live for the first time by chance) and begged me to watch out, and get off of it. This summer another little incident: I was repairing a satellite for the tv and I was balancing on the window she saw me freaked out and hugged so I could not fall. She later told me she had a nightmare of me falling and she told me if it happens she will die too of heartbreak or suicide (her words)..she’s constantly worried about my health and my life it’s really creepy. Of course I tried to reassure her but it happens again all the time. If it’s not because of heights she’ll worry about my backache, my teeth (she said I have to check my mandibula because it gives problems to the spine etc)… You have never heard of a girlfriend have attacks of despair about the death (that never happens) of his boyfriend Well she told me a kid in her neighbourhood had tragic consequences after diving. And shes cstantly scared about me she cried and begs me not to do it anymore, as she finds out that I keep on doing these things she gets uspet and we fight

Question: The girl that I like has a girlfriend, she cheated on her last night with me.. what should she tell…

I started flirting , more like horse playing with this girl at my job and I ended up getting her social media so we talked there. I don’t like girls but there was something about her that I couldn’t keep away from. I’ve never felt this way before. I asked her to hang out with me last night for my bday, we went on a boat ride. She was about to kiss me and then she backed off because she didn’t wanna do something stupid. She told me she really liked me but she’s taken and she can’t do that to her but more into the ride we kept getting closer to each other and I couldn’t take it. We made out, then things escalated and ended up going all the way. She’s going to tell her girlfriend before work tomorrow, but idk how she should lay it out to her because we have a feeling she’s going to hit her. She’s going to keep me out of it because she’ll tell our bosses and we can get fired. I told her to go gently, that she met someone and then when the time is right she can say she cheated. Please help. Im trying to think of the best solution for my dilemma.