Is there a way to group rows by a term and insert this term as a header in Google Sheets

I have a list of books on Google Sheets that will be turned into a paged layout on InDesign. Each book has two additional information besides its title (year and theme).
Like this

Sample list of books

But I need this list to be structured in a stacked way. Grouping first by year, and then by theme, like this (I’ve formatted the cells just to clarify):

Stacked list

I currently do this stacking manually, and it requires quite a lot of time. Is there some sort of formula, or tool, to solve this problem? I guess it can be done with scripting, but I wanted to know if there’s a non-scripting way to do it before diving into Google sheets script documentation.

Could not find function register_google in R

api <- readLines(choose.files()) register_google(key = api)

Error in register_google(key = “my_google_key_here”) :
could not find function “register_google”

I don’t know where goes wrong, but I want to use register_google function.

No puedo habilitar la IP de mi servidor en la API de google maps

Tengo problemas al usar javascript y embed Google Maps API. En la parte de la restricción quisiera colocar que solo se permita la IP donde esta alojada mis páginas web. No quiero restringirla por dominio ya que usare el sistema que hice para varias páginas y cada vez aumentaria este numero. Me parece tedioso estar ingresando dominio por dominio asi que la restringire a solo por IP, Pero cuando uso la opción: Direcciones IP (servidores web, tareas cron, etc.) y coloco la IP de mi servidor esto ocurre cuando cargo el mapa.

Google Maps Platform rejected your request. This IP, site or mobile application is not authorized to use this API key. Request received from IP address 186.XX.XX.XX, with referer: http://XXXX

Resultando que la IP que me muestra el error es mi IP de mi equipo y no la que autorice (la de mi servidor). Este es el código que use para mostrar por ejemplo el Embed Map API

No hay forma de que no me salga este error, y tome la IP de mi servidor y no la de mi equipo?

Muchas gracias

How to search for articles from a specific journal in Google Scholar when the journal name is a subset of…

A bit of an odd question, but I would like to search for a phrase in articles from Science (the journal). Yet I cannot do this on Google Scholar–if I specify in the advanced search that the source is Science or “Science,” I get results from all sorts of journals with the word “Science” in them. “Science Magazine” or any further specification yields zero search results. Furthermore, Science Magazine’s website search is terrible, and returns every article in the issue of an article containing a search term (my search is for “hierarchical model”).

Has anyone else run into this? Can anyone think of a search term trick that might help?

Google Chrome gives ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE error for HTTPS page (site is perfectly reachable via curl)

A otherwise perfectly working Chrome browser gives an ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE error for a request to a https page on port 8443. The page is reachable via curl, Firefox, Safari..

How would I go about debugging this? To be honest I have no clue where to start (chrome dev tools network tab provides no useful information at all)..?

Thanks so much in advance.

Annotate a Google Slides Presentation using touchpad / pen

I am an educator and I use Google slides for my courses. I would like to be able to draw-on/annotate my slides with a touch device (iPad, Android tablet, etc) during a presentation.

I realize that if I first converted my slides to a PDF, I could probably find an app that would let me do this, but I want to be able to do this during the actual presentation mode of a Google slide document.

Does Google docs let you do this? Alternatively, is there a plugin or third-part app for this?