Question: Has anyone in Polls heard from the “POLL—Christmas” user in a while?

A post said he or she was being checked into a mental hospital. That was a joke I assumed but for a month I haven’t seen anything. I worried about the person, a think a he, as the questions in Mental Health showed a life of pain.

Has there been any posts from the Christmas user since beginning of the month? Troll or not I care about my Yahoo Friends and he was one of them. Pearl L. glad you are still here. I miss the “Refarted” troll from long ago even.

So has anyone in Polls heard from the “POLL—Christmas” user in a while?

How loud is combat? (How far away can you expect it to be heard?)

The title is a generalisation, but nonetheless…

Our group (consisting of three third-level PCs and me DMing) is using the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure module.

Or to phase it without spoilers: Assuming a setup that contains a door, then 20 feet of hallway, then a curtain and another 10 feet into a room with ample ambient noise, could combat be heard there?

I still have not heard back from German Driving License Authority on converting my Canadian license and it’s…

I attended an appointment in May at the Burgeramt in Berlin and submitted all information of my Canadian license for conversion to a German License under the mutual agreement.

I submitted all documents, eye test info, and the payment and was informed I would hear back by post when the license would be ready to pick up. What should I do ? I do not speak much German yet. Thank you!