Identify this half matte sleeve for ThunderStone Advance?

I just more or less completed my Thunderstone Advance collection at a recent garage sale. My collection, previous to that, is not yet sleeved but the new addition to the family (ToR w/ CoB) is already sleeved with what appears to be UltraPro 2 5/8″ x 3 5/8 sleeves. I know the make is UltraPro as it has the hologram logo on the other side i.e side not pictured below.

The UltraPro site does not seem to have anything like this.

Some have a matte finish on one side like the one picture below. I would gather the intention is that you could have a glossy side or matte side facing you depending on preference? These do not feel like penny sleeves (which I did find in this dimension on Amazon) and I do not want those for this. I am having a hard time finding more of this dimension. These are larger than standard Magic the Gathering cards.

Regular in sleeve
"back" face of card

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How to identify formal military photos?

Is there a web site out there or some place to ask about the context of formal US military photos? I would like to know the time, location, and reason of a photo.

For example, here are two photos that I know are US Army from WWII, but I don’t even know if they were taken in the US or in Europe. They were clearly officially staged, so there must have been a special event they are related to. Is there someplace to look this up, ask, etc?

Incredibly, the names and home locations for most of the men are listed on the back. Yes, even for the large group photo.

Added in response to comments

Yes, the two photos are connected. I didn’t get into the details of these particular photos because I was asking a general question about how to get more information on such things. Of course I do want information on these photos, but thought it would be off topic here as being too localized or something. Yes, some of these people may still be living, which is why I haven’t mentioned any of the names.

My father (Thomas Greenleaf Lathrop) is in both photos, but he died in 1978 so I can’t ask him. He was in the signal corp during WWII, trained in Camp Kolher outside of Sacramento CA, got shipped to England, then into France and Germany. These photos could be from Camp Kohler, England, France, Germany, or anywhere else he was stationed until being discharged in Berlin after the war ended.

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Could you help me identify these vintage bricks with holes in the studs?

I recently got a bulk lot of official Lego pieces from a charity shop. Amongst my treasures I discovered a load of these bricks (about 40 or so).

At first I thought they were some of the first Lego bricks but as far as I can tell Lego have always had the tubes on the underside of their bricks. Can anyone help me to identify their pedigree and/or their age? I have a very strong feeling they’re knock-offs…

Distinguishing features –

  • These bricks have nothing on the underside to stop them from sliding around- no tubes, ridges, nothing.
  • The larger bricks (2×4 upwards) have holes all the way through the studs.
  • All bricks have a slightly sunken profile to the studs
  • Every brick has a random number on the underside i.e. “43”, “78” etc
  • In basic colours of red, blue, yellow, white, black and clear. I’ve also got a green baseplate which has square holes on the underside.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

enter image description here

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Identify bike brand to fit gear hanger!

I have bought a new used bike, I got it very cheap since it was pretty broken up. I have replaced most of the parts and repainted the bike so it looks fine. The only thing I have a problem with is the gear hanger. When I got the bike it was broken of and I have a really hard time finding the right one. The bike frame is made of aluminum.

On the bike frame before I repainted it said “Peak Pt Arlington”. But I can’t really find any bike with that brand. The closest thing I got was this.


But there isn’t any info about it.

Here is a picture of the broken hanger:

broken hanger

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

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Can anyone identify what kind of block these are? I have had no luck with Google.

They all link together. I added a normal lego to compare size. enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

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Please help identify what set this bag belongs to

2011 bag

Bag indicates that it was made in 2011.

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Please help identify a set

small bag

Help me identify what set this small bag goes to?

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Help to identify a small tube part

I’d like some help identifying the black parts circled in the photo.

enter image description here

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Identify Greek letters used in formulas

Could anyone tell me what the names of the Greek letters in the formulas below? Is the first one alpha? They are used in calculating ICRF rotations. Wikipedia uses a different font for their list of characters, so it’s hard to tell.

$$alpha_0 = 0.00 – 0.641T$$

$$delta_0 = 90.00 – 0.557T$$


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Can someone help me to identify this rock?

enter image description here
A-density:2.66g/cm3,weight:370g,rock attract the magnet

enter image description here

enter image description here
for this rock I do not have the density currentlyenter image description here

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