PNG image has a white background in InDesign

I’m working in InDesign and one .png picture has a white square under it, even if there is a transparent background (saved from Photoshop) and 4 others have a white square only when I print. Can anyone help me with that please?

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Maven Project – can’t load an image

I’m trying to load image ‘collaboration.png’ in my file login.jsp:

However, only an error is shown instead of the image. I’m beginner in Maven – I guess a problem is in my maven structure, so I was trying to move my img directory, but I can’t find correct location. Please anybody, where to move img directory for loading the image?

There is my maven project’s structure:

enter image description here

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Can I segment characters from this image with CSV?

I am trying to segment my characters on this image with using column sum vector.

This method actually works on the paper I’ve read about license plate recognition.

it looks useful for my images too but since my threshold values are not very good I am not really sure if I can use CSV for character segmentation

enter image description here
enter image description here

so my question is;

1) Is CSV proper method for my application ?
2) if so what kind of techniques I can try to segment characters ?
3) if not what can be more efficient and robust way to segment characters from some kind of images ?

thank you

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How do you upload an image in

There is an image icon in the edit bar

enter image description here

but, it just injects markdown into your code that needs the image URL. Nothing is uploaded. What should I do?

PS I have spotted that their Documentation/Create New Page contains an image with url Please note the /attachment/image subfolder. So, there should be a way to attach image files to your pages. But how? I do not see any button.

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formula for a linear map which is a right-inverse on the image of given map.

Say $$L:mathbb{R}^nrightarrow mathbb{R}^m$$ is any linear map with matrix $A in M(mtimes n, mathbb{R})$. Then there exists a linear map $$K: im(L) rightarrow mathbb{R}^n$$ which is a right-inverse for $L$ (as a map into $im(L)$). So we may extend $K$ to $$tilde{K}:mathbb{R}^mrightarrow mathbb{R}^n$$ say by first projecting $mathbb{R}^m$ orthogonally to $im(L)$.

Is there some formula for $tilde{K}$ (or any other extension of $K$) that we can write down only in terms of $A$? I.e. without going in and picking out linearly independent columns of $A$ etc.

For instance if $L$ has rank $m$ we know that $A^t(AA^t)^{-1}$ is such a formula.

I suspect the answer is “no” so in that case is there some some plausible reason no such exists?

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How to extract the application brand logo image over an API?

In API 38 (Winter ’17), when an “App Branding” image is uploaded through the Lightning Experience UI, the app metadata includes this brand information:


The CustomApplication documentation says that the logo is:

The optional reference to the image document for the application.

But I don’t see a Document with a matching name.

Where is this logo image stored, and how can I extract it via the metadata so I can add it to version control and have a working continuous integration deployment from that version control copy?


Used “Search Salesforce” and found it presented as a “File” (a ContentDocument). Is there a good way to get this into version control?

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Redis docker image cluster install for Swarm?

I know that there is an Official Redis Docker image here. My question is basically: is there a way to automatically deploy that to a Docker Swarm setup? The closest question I found to mine is this one.

While I don’t think it yet possible, I would like it to be able to adapt to the Swarm Cluster upon which it is running. Said differently, this is not MY cluster, thus, for some customers it will be single node, others will have 3, the largest will have only 5. Only one redis instance should ever run on a single node. But the 3 node swarm should have 3 and the 5 node should have 5, automatically configured as a cluster. Can a single yml file be setup in some way to have a Redis cluster automatically deployed for this – i.e. independent of knowing beforehand the details of the Swarm?

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Calculating depth image from surface normal images, confused about integration/summation algorithm

(Originally posted in Stack Overflow, re-posting here since my question’s probably a better fit here)

I’m going through Forsyth/Ponce and working through their reading on recreating a depth map from surface normals. The idea is that you do summation of partial derivatives across a path to calculate the shape, as explained in the textbook:
enter image description here

enter image description here

In the integration section, it goes over one “path” of calculating the depth map using the surface normal partial derivative matrices. It’s been a while since I’ve done multivariate calculus, so my confusion is on why this specific integration represents one path, and how I can generate other paths with these same partial derivative matrices? I.e., what would another path look like (e.g. would I do a cumulative sum down the first two columns, then sum across all the rows?) Based on the line integral, the surface doesn’t depend on the choice of the curve; I’m just not sure what this means in terms of the discrete summation using the partial derivatives.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Display attachment as image rather than link in custom list form

I am making a custom list form where the user will input texts and can upload images as attachments. This images will serve as an icon next to the inputted text in the allitems.aspx. How can I make the attachment be viewable as image rather than a link? Any inputs will be much appreciated.

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Did Ancient Jews Were not allowed to create any image? [on hold]

I’m wondering whether Jews before Jesus were allowed by god to create drawings of the armory, equipment, ships etc.
This could led to inferior position among other cultures that made a drawings as a form of communication and knowledge.

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