CSS bug with printing site pages (now with 100% more suggested fix included!)

So I have to print some Stack Overflow pages and bring them around. Just accept it.

Problem: while pages may look perfectly normal on the web, something recently broke the print layout… a huge whitespace block showed up on the right (normal, print). Tons of whitespace. This is on every site on the network (example) on a bunch of different screens (example).

Futzing with DevTools, the problem seems to be the following piece of css:

#mainbar, .mainbar {
    width: calc(100% - 300px - 24px);

Can someone check if this is the only issue and possibly fix this?

In v1.5.2, are transactions based on the call to `getTransactionsToApprove` included in subsequent calls to…

In the new IRI version 1.5.2, a call to getTransactionsToApprove provides a set of transactions that can be used as the trunk and branch of a new transaction.

Given that some of the returned tips barely meets the minimum Milestone depth requirement, maxdepth minus one let’s say, then when it is used in a subsequent new transaction Tn, that transaction will no longer meet the minimum requirement.

Would Tn have its Milestone reference set too deep to be considered as a valid response to a subsequent getTransactionsToApprove?

Am I missing something here or is this a flaw in the new system?

Insert jpg image to pdf page included by pdfpages

For a university project, I have to attach a form, which is provided by the university, to my project right after the abstract, and fill in the details using latex. I managed to do this using includepdf as the following code shows.


This is the text of the abstract

includepdf[pages={1}, pagecommand={},
  put(340,648){My Name}%
  put(206,585){My Surname}%
  put(270,558){The University name}%
  put(182,531){The name of the course}%
  put(80,101){The date}%

However, I also need a copy of my signature on this page. So I scanned my signature and saved it as a jpg image. Is there a way to include it in this page and place it in its correct position, similar to what I did for my name, surname, etc.? Many thanks

why is I included as part of GDP?

GDP = C + I + G + (X-M)

If GDP is supposed to count only final goods and services, why include I? Eg if build public roads, can count as G; if build factory, can count when factory produces goods and those goods are sold.

Put differently, counting I seems to double count. Eg if one counts spending on factory as I today, when the factory produces and sells goods tomorrow and the day after, the counting is done again in future (eg I, followed by C).

Question: PLEASE HELP, do I have genital warts? PIC INCLUDED?

I’ve been freaking out about it for the past month, finally went to the doctor yesterday, she is my primary care physician and did a blood test and a bunch of swabs and laid me back and looked inside me and said she saw no warts and everything looked good, and to not panic every time I see a bump. The morning after I took a shower and felt inside the opening of my vagina and felt rough, broccoli top feeling scabs or callus or, God forbid, warts or some s***. I’m driving myself insane, because my boyfriend says it looks fine, and the doctor said she didn’t see anything, but I finally snapped a picture that shows some of the growths, but there are clusters that are much more predominant an inch or so inside my vagina, but they seemingly appeared overnight, and don’t look like any of the genital warts I’m seeing on Google Images, so I’m just driving myself mad. https://ibb.co/dT2XY0

How to set mail subject using variable and ensure attachment is not included in email body

I have the following shell script fragment.

for emailadd in `cat /tmp/email_list.tmp`
   subject_text="Subject with Var Name "$var_name
   subj_text_novar="Subject without Var Name"
   email_mssge="this is the message with variable name "$var_name
   echo "$email_mssge"|mailx -a /tmp/my_report.txt -s "$subject_text" "$emailadd"
   echo "$email_mssge"|mailx -a /tmp/my_report.txt -s "$subj_text_novar" "$emailadd"

What it does is
a. Sets the variable var_name
b. Reads through the list of email addresses stored in /tmp/email_list.tmp
c. Compiles and sends an email with /tmp/my_report.txt (plain text file) as an attachment

The script is intended to run on a number of different servers, so var_name will change with each server.
The mail command with $subj_text_novar, (does not include $var_name in the subject string), sends the email correctly .
However the mail command with $subject_text which does include $var_name places the contents of the attachment into the main body of the email.
As far as I can make out, it is the actual $-sign causing the problem because hardcoding the var_name value into the string is fine but I don’t see why because surely var_name is just a concatenated string
So, how can I set the subject for mail so it includes $var_name and my text file is sent as an attachment?

I am running this on SuSE 11.3 but the solution ideally needs to work on AIX 6.1 and HP UX11.31 as well


What is this piece included in an app from 1990ish

I had an Acorn A3000 when I was younger and it has a music writing application called Maestro with a few pieces of music pre-programmed into it.

This is one that I have remembered ever since but I don’t know if it’s a real piece of music or just one written for this application.

The music starts at about 1:24 but I don’t know how to link to that time.

Can someone identify it?

Why are 7 non-compulsory tournaments included in Marin Cilic’s ATP ranking?

I understand that only 18 tournaments (19 if qualified for ATP Finals) are considered for ATP rankings of which 4 grand slams and 8 masters (excluding Monte Carlo) are compulsory. If a player fulfills the commitment of 4 ATP 500 (counting Monte Carlo if he plays), his best 6 results from other tournaments are counted.

But currently (16th March 2018), I see 7 tournaments (apart from compulsory tournaments) are counted in Marin Cilic’s Rankings. It includes Monte Carlo, 3 ATP 500 and 3 other tournaments. Is it not violating the rule?

His ATP Rankings Breakdown is here. And here is Internet Archive snapshot from March 2018.