Can I take rifle scope (scope only) in checked luggage to India

I would like to visit India next month approximately between December 15-25 [ticket didn’t taken yet] from UAE Dubai. I have already purchased a telescope from Dubai market for my Indian air rifle. Can I take the rifle scope (not a rifle: just a 3-9×40 scope) with my luggage (check-in baggage)? In India will be there any problem with customs?

Finding mathematics postdoc opportunities in India

I am Ph.D. advisor to X, a rising 5th-year Ph.D. student in pure mathematics at a mid-tier US research university. X and I are trying to prepare for his upcoming job search.

In my opinion X is promising, talented, and hard-working, and he has not quite realized his potential yet. If he were to go on the US postdoctoral job market this year, I would estimate his chances to be low. Staying for a sixth year is a theoretical possibility, but my department is faced with budget cuts and X would probably have to finance his own studies.

It occurs to me that he might apply for postdocs (and, eventually, tenure-track positions) in his native India. He would really like to pursue a research career, and would likely be willing to accept compromises such as a low salary (by US standards).

An internet search reveals particular institutes to which one can apply, as well as postdoctoral fellowships — but I was unable to find any general overview of the Indian job market geared towards applicants overseas.

Is there an approach to finding a mathematics job in India, better than googling and applying for individual opportunities? And is it any easier to find a job there than it is in the US (for an Indian citizen who has studied in the US)?

Do freelancers have to pay GST if they are providing services out of India?

If income as an individual freelancer in India is below 20 lakhs and if I am providing services to clients abroad then am I liable to pay any GST in India?

Also what if the person gets orders from clients across the globe via an online portal like freelancer, upwork, etc.

API for Air India

My booking to Mumbai with Air India says more security information required. I have entered my passport details – what else do I need to provide. They have a Residency section and a Visa section – should I fill these out? I called Air India although the person on the other end didn’t understand what I was asking? Any suggestions?

Tibetan Buddhism:Recieving inititation in India/Tibet

I recently read an introductory book on Tibetan Buddhism and intrigued by Tantra & Kalachakra practice. I have been practicing meditation for the last 2-3 years but not under the guidance of a guru. After struggling for 2-3 years I have finally realized the need of a guru so that I can start practicing seriously. Next year, I have 3-month vacation and I’m thinking about going to a monastery in India/Tibet (I live in India) where I can be initiated into tantric practice.

Which are some of the places in India and Tibet where Tantra/Kalachakra initiation is possible ?