Looking for equivalent of Indian (Marathi) saying “Makdach ghar” which translates “Monkey’s house”(never…

I am looking for equivalent of Indian saying “Makdach ghar” which is “Monkey’s house” the meaning is a monkey always starts to built his house only after it starts to rain. It has the analogy of “Ants and the grasshopper” where the monkey = the grasshopper

I am not looking for the saying like “Stitch in time saves nine” as that is more suggestive of an advice, rather it should be a phrase reflecting the ill effect. The monkey’s house as per local culture here reflects the idea that the house (or the monkey’s action or inaction) is ineffective, ill conceived for a heavy rainy season and will not stand a chance.

Friend 1 to Friend 2 (working in other company): The management in our company is so damn frustrating, we are plagued by inaction. Now our cash-cow client is expected to pays us a visit from the US. This is their first visit since last 10 years of our business relationship and our yard is __________ (monkey’s house – which is never ready for the presentation or circumstance presented). It would have been better if they had stitched in time.

Ingredients to Get Started with Indian Cuisine

I’m interested in slowly getting started with Indian cooking and building up my store of spices. However, I generally don’t have as much time to cook as I would like and really don’t have enough space to go out and binge spend on cooking materials for Indian food.

What are the bare minimum ingredients / spices / etc that I would need, to make some tasty dishes for a wide array of palettes (in case I can convince friends to try my cooking).

Looking for equivalent of Indian saying ” Apne gali mein kutta bhi sher hota hey” which means Every dog in…

I am looking for equivalent of Indian saying ” Apne gali mein kutte bhi sher hota hey” which is “In their own lane ( or street or area) a dogs also are lions”. the meaning is when the territory/terrain (or may apply to “circumstance”) is favorable any dog (underdog) can become a king-of-its-jungle (as a leader).

Hypothetical Example: In a battle between American Army vs. say Thailand or Vietnam Army on the latter’s land, American will have to accept defeat because _____________________ (Every dog in his territory is/becomes a lion)

Does the USPS have Rural Free Delivery on Indian Reservations?

Currently in the news is a discussion about requiring a street address for people in North Dakota to cast a ballot.

Rather than getting into that, I’d like to know why people living on the several reservations in North Dakota generally don’t have street addresses. Having spent considerable time on South Dakota reservations, it seems to me that almost everyone picked up their mail at a post office box. (except those in town)

Can I travel to the UK from Dubai with a Portuguese passport but without surrendering my Indian passport?

Two years ago I had applied for Portuguese citizenship (As my father is a Portuguese citizen by descent) while I was in Goa. Then I traveled to the UAE with a visa on my Indian passport. After being in the UAE for a couple of months, I received a letter from Portugal with my Portuguese birth certificate. So, being in the UAE, I applied for my Cartao de Cidadao, and now will be appearing for an appointment to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

My family resides in the United Kingdom and I wish to join them there. My visa here in the UAE on my Indian passport expires in a few months and I am planning to cancel it and directly go to the UK showing my Portuguese passport at the airport.

Is it possible to travel to the UK from the UAE, if I show my Portuguese passport at the airport exit and not surrender my Indian passport? I plan to surrender it in UK. Any guidance will be highly appreciated.