Question: I remember from elementary school a diary/journal for girls that everyone had and I couldn’t have…

It was really girly and cute journal with stickers and a story of a girl and a group of friends, I remember when you buy it , it will come inside a cute box, please help me find it.

Check Accounting Journal for Errors – Revision

This is my revised code from my original question Check Accounting Journal for Errors

I was able to use the information provided in the answers to that question to get my code cleaned up removing duplication and utilizing better coding practices. I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything and would appreciate a final review to ensure that there isn’t any remaining problems that need attention.

    Option Explicit
    Public CalcState As Long
    Public PageBreakState As Boolean

    Public Sub ProcessJEValidations()

        InputItemNumbers CreateRngFromCol("Item_Number")
        ConvertDebitsAndCreditsToUppercase CreateRngFromCol("DR_CR__Indicator")
        NoNegativeAmounts CreateRngFromCol("Amount_in_Doc_Currency")
        MsgBox ("No errors found")

    End Sub
    Private Sub Disable()
        'speed up macro
        With Application
            .DisplayAlerts = False
            .ScreenUpdating = False
            CalcState = .Calculation
            .Calculation = xlCalculationManual
            .EnableEvents = False
            PageBreakState = Sheet2.DisplayPageBreaks
            Sheet2.DisplayPageBreaks = False
        End With
    End Sub
    Private Sub UnprotectSheet()
        'unprotect sheet to avoid any issues with editing
        On Error Resume Next
        Sheet2.Unprotect "secret"
        ThisWorkbook.Unprotect "secret"
    End Sub
    Private Sub Enable()
        With Application
            .DisplayAlerts = True
            .ScreenUpdating = True
            .Calculation = CalcState
            .EnableEvents = True
            Sheet2.DisplayPageBreaks = PageBreakState
        End With
    End Sub
    Private Sub SafeExit()
        On Error Resume Next
        Sheet2.Protect Password:="secret", AllowFormattingColumns:=True, AllowFormattingRows:=True
        ThisWorkbook.Protect Password:="secret", Structure:=True, Windows:=False
    End Sub
    Public Sub Timer(Optional dummy As Byte)
        On Error Resume Next
        With Sheet2.Label1
            .Visible = False
        End With
    End Sub
    Private Sub HideExportButton()
        'hide export in case changes were made
        Sheet2.Shapes("Rounded Rectangle 3").Visible = msoFalse
    End Sub
    Private Sub CheckForEntries()
        'make sure there are at least a debit and credit entered
        If LastRow < 9 Then
            MessageUser Sheet2.Range("A8"), "Journal Entries require a minimum of 2 transactions"
        End If
    End Sub
    Private Sub InputItemNumbers(itemNumRng As Range)
        'input item numbers in column C
        Sheet2.Cells(8, itemNumRng.Column) = 1
        itemNumRng.DataSeries Type:=xlLinear, Step:=1, Trend:=False
    End Sub
    Private Sub ConvertDebitsAndCreditsToUppercase(debitCreditRng As Range)
        'make all debit and credit entries uppercase
        debitCreditRng = Evaluate("INDEX(UPPER(" & debitCreditRng.Address(External:=True) & "),)")
    End Sub
    Private Sub NoNegativeAmounts(amountRng As Range)
        'get rid of all negative amounts
        amountRng = Evaluate("INDEX(ABS(" & amountRng.Address(External:=True) & "),)")
    End Sub
    Private Function CreateRngFromCol(namedRange As String) As Range
        Dim rngCol As Long
        rngCol = Range(namedRange).Column
        Set CreateRngFromCol = Range(Cells(8, rngCol), Cells(LastRow, rngCol))
    End Function
    Private Function LastRow()
        LastRow = Sheet2.Cells(Sheet2.Rows.count, 4).End(xlUp).Row
    End Function
    Private Sub CheckRequiredFields()
        'check required fields are populated and data for GL, Company Code, and Indicator columns is valid
        Dim lookupRng As String
        Dim rng As Range
        Dim rngToCheck As Range

        Set rngToCheck = Range(Range("Header_Fields").Address & ", " & Range(CreateRngFromCol("GL_Account_Number"), CreateRngFromCol("Amount_in_Doc_Currency")).Address & ", " & Range(CreateRngFromCol("Line_Item_Text"), CreateRngFromCol("Company_Code")).Address)
        For Each rng In rngToCheck
            lookupRng = IIf(rng.Row < 6, rng.Offset(, -1), Cells(7, rng.Column))
            If rng = "" Then _
                    MessageUser rng, (Replace(Trim(Replace(lookupRng, ":", "")), Chr(10), " ") & " is a required field " & Chr(10) & "Check cell " & rng.Address(RowAbsolute:=False, ColumnAbsolute:=False))
            If rng.Row > 7 Then
                lookupRng = Switch(rng.Column = Range("GL_Account_Number").Column, "SAP_COA", rng.Column = Range("DR_CR__Indicator").Column, "Indicator", rng.Column = Range("Amount_in_Doc_Currency").Column, "", rng.Column = Range("Line_Item_Text").Column, "", rng.Column = Range("Company_Code").Column, "Code")
                If lookupRng <> "" Then ValidateFields Sheet2.Cells(7, rng.Column), rng, Range(lookupRng)
            End If
        Next rng
    End Sub
    Private Sub GLDependencies()
        'if checkbox is marked then must validate profit centers and reference fields
        If Sheet2.CheckBox1.value = True Then
            Dim rng As Range
            Dim glRng As Range: Set glRng = CreateRngFromCol("GL_Account_Number")
            For Each rng In glRng
                Select Case Left(rng, 1)
                    Case 1 To 3
                        ValidateFields "Profit Center", Cells(rng.Row, CreateRngFromCol("Profit_Center").Column), Range("BS")
                    Case 4, 5
                        ValidateFields "Profit Center", Cells(rng.Row, CreateRngFromCol("Profit_Center").Column), Range("LOB_PC")
                        RefFields rng
                    Case 6
                        If Not Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(Cells(rng.Row, CreateRngFromCol("Cost_Center").Column)) > 0 Then _
                            MessageUser Cells(rng.Row, CreateRngFromCol("Cost_Center").Column), "Operating expense accounts require a cost center"
                    Case 7
                End Select
            Next rng
        End If
    End Sub
    Private Sub MessageUser(rng As Range, msg As String)
        MsgBox msg
    End Sub
    Private Sub ValidateFields(str As String, lookupValue As Range, lookupRng As Range)
        If IsError(Application.VLookup(lookupValue, lookupRng, 1, False)) Then _
            MessageUser lookupValue, "Please enter a valid " & Replace(Trim(Replace(str, "_", " ")), Chr(10), " ") & Chr(10) & "Check cell " & lookupValue.Address(RowAbsolute:=False, ColumnAbsolute:=False)
    End Sub
    Private Sub RefFields(rng As Range)
        Dim arr As Variant
        Dim item As Variant
        Dim count As Integer
        Dim refType As String
        Dim refRngOffset As Range
        Dim refRng As Range: Set refRng = Intersect(rng.EntireRow, Range("Reference_Fields"))

        If Not Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(refRng) > 0 Then _
            MessageUser refRng, "Ref 1 or Ref 2 is required for P&L accounts"
        arr = refRng
        count = 1
        For Each item In arr
            If Not IsEmpty(item) Then
                Set refRngOffset = refRng.Resize(, 1).Offset(, count - 1)
                Select Case count 'count indicates the column position within the reference fields
                    Case 1 To 3
                        refType = Switch(count = 1, "Sub Vendor", count = 2, "Master Vendor", count = 3, "Payee")
                        If Len(item) <> 4 Then _
                            MessageUser refRngOffset, refType & " must be 4 digits long" & Chr(10) & "Check cell " & refRngOffset.Address(RowAbsolute:=False, ColumnAbsolute:=False)
                    Case 4, 5, 8, 9
                        refType = Switch(count = 4, "BU", count = 5, "VD", count = 8, "Cus_Group", count = 9, "Cus_Seg")
                        ValidateFields refType, Cells(rng.Row, refRngOffset.Column), Range(refType)
                    Case 6, 7
                        refType = Switch(count = 6, "Customer", count = 7, "Master Customer")
                        If Len(item) <> 6 And Len(item) <> 8 Then _
                            MessageUser refRngOffset, "Customer account must be 6 or 8 digits long (SAP/Impulse)" & Chr(10) & "Check cell " & refRngOffset.Address(RowAbsolute:=False, ColumnAbsolute:=False)
                End Select
            End If
            count = count + 1
        Next item
    End Sub
    Private Sub CheckBalance()
        With Sheet2
            .Range("I2").value = "Debits"
            .Range("I3").value = "Credits"
            .Range("I4").value = "Total"
            .Range("J2").value = Round(Application.WorksheetFunction.SumIf(.Range("E8:E" & LastRow), "D", .Range("F8:F" & LastRow)), 2)
            .Range("J3").value = Round(Application.WorksheetFunction.SumIf(.Range("E8:E" & LastRow), "C", .Range("F8:F" & LastRow)) * -1, 2)
            .Range("J4").value = Application.WorksheetFunction.Sum(.Range("J2:J3"))

            With .Range("I2:J4").Interior
                .Pattern = xlSolid
                .PatternColorIndex = xlAutomatic
                .ThemeColor = xlThemeColorAccent1
                .TintAndShade = 0.799981688894314
                .PatternTintAndShade = 0
            End With

            .Range("I2:J4").BorderAround xlContinuous, xlMedium
            .Range("J2:J4").Style = "Comma"

            If Not .Range("J4").value = 0 Then
                MessageUser .Range("I4:J4"), "Debits and Credits do not equal"
            End If
        End With
    End Sub
    Private Sub FinishingTouch()
        With Sheet2
            .Shapes("Rounded Rectangle 3").Visible = msoTrue
            .Label1.Visible = False
        End With
    End Sub
    Public Sub ClearForm()
        If MsgBox("Are you sure you want to reset and clear the template?" & Chr(10) & "You will not be able to Undo this action.", vbYesNo) = vbNo Then Exit Sub

        Dim lRow As Long
        lRow = ActiveSheet.Cells.Find("*", searchorder:=xlByRows, searchdirection:=xlPrevious).Row
        If lRow < 8 Then lRow = 8

        With Sheet2
            .Range("B1:B5, D1:D5, E3, A8:AG" & lRow).ClearContents
            .Range("B1").value = "8190"
            .Range("B2").value = "USD"
            .Range("B3").value = Now()
            .Range("D2").value = "SA"
            .CheckBox1.value = True
            .Shapes("Rounded Rectangle 3").Visible = msoFalse
        End With

    End Sub

Add linux md raid write journal to and existing array

I have a raid5 array with quite large disks, so reconstruction is really slow in case of a power outage. Thankfully, there is the --write-journal option for linux md raid. The man page lists the --write-journal option in the For create, build, or grow: section, so I supposed it should work in grow mode, and tried to add a write journal on the fly:

# mdadm --grow /dev/md1 --write-journal /dev/ssd/md1-journal
mdadm: :option --write-journal not valid in grow mode

Does anyone know whether I can add a write journal to an existing array? And if so, how?

How to pay Australian GST for an overseas journal fee?

I have to pay open access publication fees for a journal in Hong Kong. The payment is supposed to be transferred via swift.

Apparently, according to new rules, I should pay GST for this service (whether it is fair or unfair).

If it was a commodity from ebay, I would say the website would sort out everything. However, in this case, I have no idea how the GST should be paid.

Submitting a paper to a new journal with responses for the rejection to the first journal

I submitted my paper in IEEE Transcations of XXX and got a rejection. But the comments were really helpful and has helped me a lot in improving the paper. But, unfortunately, I cannot resubmit that paper to this same journal again and now I am looking for another journal.

I am writing a proper response again every comment and thinking to submit the response letter as part of the submission to the new journal. The basic idea is to let the reviewers know that this paper has been reviewed (by reviewers of another journal) and improvements has been made. Will it somehow improve the chances of acceptance. (as I am in the final stages of my PhD now)

What does the community say?

Appropriate journal for an article on practical mathematical teaching

I have recently finished working on an article on a subject that falls into the category of “practical mathematical (undergraduate) teaching” — a set of concrete propositions and examples on a specific issue, that enlighten and help with the teaching of this issue. An example of an article as such can be found here.

Now, when I try to publish this article, I can not find the appropriate platform. Most journals on mathematical teaching/education look for more theoretical papers, so they decline my paper; on the other hand, this paper does not contain a breakthrough in mathematics, so I can not submit it to “classical” journals.

So I am looking for a journal that on one hand deals with mathematical teaching, but on the other can accept a paper with practical subjects. Would realy appreciate any help on this problem.

epsfig and class{asme2ej} issues with Overleaf ASME Journal Template

I am using the ASME journal template from Overleaf to submit a manuscript to ASME. They require the use of epsfig package, which I am not familiar with. I can get espfig to work with the article class, but not the asme2ej class. Can anyone help me figure out how to fix this. NOTE: This is for a journal not a conference.

Overleaf ASME Journal Template

My working code




caption{The caption of a single sentence does not have period at the end}


Question: Bad journal habits?

ok so i have this really bad habit of when i’m about have way through and then i just stop and go to a new journal. i’ve had about 9 diaries and only about 3-4 are finished. I’m 13 btw. and i would like to stop this habit.

also what is a good way to start, the date (of course) then dear diary, or dear journal, hello anisa?? also what to end with, love anisa, – anisa?